How EIGHT Premier League clubs could qualify for Champions League and Europa League next season if Arsenal win FA Cup


THE Premier League season may be over, but the fight for European football in 2020-21 is still on.

Liverpool won their first-ever Premier League crown to cruise to a spot in next season’s Champions League.

They will be joined by Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea in Europe’s top competition after they completed the top-four.

All four teams will start the tournament in the group stage, with no additional qualification needed.

Leicester, who finished fifth, and Tottenham (sixth) have qualified for the Europa League.

The Foxes will begin at the group stage, but Spurs’ starting point is still yet to be decided.

Jose Mourinho’s men will have to begin at the second qualifying round, as things stand, after finishing sixth and Man City (in the Champions League) winning the Carabao Cup.

However, with the 2019-20 Champions League and Europa League to be concluded – as well as the FA Cup final – that could all change.

We take a look at the permutations…

Should Man City or Chelsea win the Champions League, there will be NO additional spot for an English club in Europe next term.

The same rule applies if Man Utd win the Europa League, having already qualified for the Champions League through their top-four finish.

The Premier League WILL have an extra spot available if Chelsea win the FA Cup, thanks to their Champions League qualification.

In that scenario, Tottenham will go into the Europa League group stage, with seventh-placed Wolves taking the spot in the second round of qualifying.

However, Wolves will NOT qualify for Europe if Arsenal beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

As the Gunners finished the season eighth – not in the European berths – they will instead steal the Europa League group stage spot.

Tottenham will remain in the second qualifying stage in that scenario.

Wolves’ European dreams will not be dashed if Arsenal win the FA Cup though.

If Wolves win the Europa League and the Gunners beat Chelsea at Wembley there will be EIGHT Premier League teams in Europe in 2020-21.

In that scenario, Wolves will steal a Champions League spot, while Arsenal go into the Europa League group stage.

Should Wolves in the Europa League and Chelsea win the FA Cup, the Gunners will miss out on Europe and just seven times from England will play across European competitions next term.


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