Man Utd top alternative Premier League table based on worldwide popularity ahead of Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal


MANCHESTER UNITED are officially the most-popular football team on the planet.

After a DECADE-long study of Google trends, have confirmed the Red Devils are the top-followed club on Earth.

So often popularity is based on such things as TV ratings, social media followers and replica kits sold.

But have measured every club’s popularity across the globe based on internet searches.

Using data from Google trends to show how interest for each Premier League team has changed over the past decade, the report scores every team out of 100 based on their popularity.

The top trending team in every country always scores 100 points.

Every other team is scored depending on how their popularity compares to that club.

And based on that theory, Man Utd are the clear winners, with a total score of 14,453.

And their margin of victory is only strengthened by the fact United took the top spot in EVERY continent.

Chelsea came in second with a score of 13,280, ahead of Premier League champions Liverpool on 11,833.

The Reds, despite finishing third, did rank second in Oceania and Asia, behind only Man Utd.

While the European stats could barely separate the top three – and fourth-placed Arsenal – United and Chelsea’s popularity in North America saw them dominate the list.

Manchester City, Tottenham, Everton, Leicester, Aston Villa and West Ham completed the top ten.

Of the 2019-20 Premier League sides, Sheffield United finished bottom with a score of just 641, marginally behind Bournemouth and Brighton.

The Blades’ best overall scores came from some strange sources: Finland, China and Brazil.

And Aston Villa saw some equally brilliant results, scoring well in Greenland, Western Sahara and small parts of South America.


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