Martin Scorsese to direct new Mike Tyson biopic with Jamie Foxx in movie legend’s first boxing film since Raging Bull


MARTIN SCORSESE will direct the new Mike Tyson biopic film.

The Hollywood icon will take on his first boxing film since Raging Bull and will lead the star-studded cast including legendary actor Jamie Foxx.

The actor, 52, has bulked up dramatically to play the heavyweight legend on the silver screen.

However, with filming postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Foxx has used the time to give a series of interviews about the film.

Speaking on Showtime’s All the Smoke, Foxx said: “Martin Scorsese who hasn’t done a boxing film since Raging Bull has agreed to take the helm.

“We want to show everybody evolves. Everybody comes from a good or bad place.

“I think when we lay the layers on Mike Tyson in this story, I think everybody from young and old will be able to understand this man’s journey and the way we’ll place it.”

Scorsese has directed some of the best films of all time including Goodfellas and Wolf of Wall Street.

But the Tyson movie will be the first boxing film he has directed since the 1980 smash Raging Bull which documents the story of Italian-American middleweight Jake LaMotta.

Tyson recently told Foxx he was happy when he was skint because “vultures” could not take his money from him.

Foxx will have to go into a “dark hole” for the eagerly awaited film, according to his close pal.

And the actor has already embarked on an incredible body transformation as he bulks up to accurately depict the legendary heavyweight.

The Django Unchained star posted a series of topless selfies to his Instagram followers.

And he wrote alongside the photos: “The transformation begins… “FINDING MIKE”.

“It is no secret that I have been pursuing the @miketyson biopic for some time… people always ask me when is it going to happen?… things have finally lined up…

“A few months ago we started the journey… The first but biggest task is to transform the body… with a regiment of pull-ups dips and push-ups we are off to a pretty good start… we have a ways to go but God willing…

“I shared these early pics of the process… like I said we have a ways to go… But I am prepared to get there!”


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