Max Holloway calls for UFC 251 fight vs Alexander Volkanovski to be switched from indoor arena to Fight Island BEACH


MAX HOLLOWAY wants his rematch against Alexander Volkanovski to be switched from an indoor arena to Fight Island’s beach Octagon.

Holloway, 28, faces Volkanovski, 31, in the UFC 251 co-main event as he challenges for the featherweight title he lost seven months ago.

But the challenger wants to fight outside, in the cage which is situated on the sand, instead of the arena specially built to stage the pay-per-view show behind closed doors.

Holloway said: “We’re here in the Octagon. I talked to Dana, I told him I don’t wanna fight over there, I wanna fight on the beach.

“We move our fight to the beach. So we’re on the Octagon beach, we’re getting ready it’s early in the morning couple hours till what would be fight time.”

UFC president Dana White built the cage on the sand so fighters could train in it.

But a brand new arena has been put together to house the packed PPV, which is headlined by welterweight rivals Jorge Masvidal and Kamaru Usman.

In the chief support act, Holloway – who claims he did not spar ahead of the fight – said Volkanovski asked for the immediate rematch and has since acted like the challenger.

He explained: “How is he talking? Is he talking like a champion?

“At the end of the day, I feel like he’s attacking me. He called me out to fight. That’s something a challenger does, doesn’t it? I don’t know.

“This guy’s been saying stuff. He’s the one that’s been saying he’s got a chip on his shoulder about something. He’s ready to prove something.

“In my eyes, you’re the champ, what are you trying to prove?

“If you believe you’re the champ, who are you trying to prove anything to? I’m not trying to prove anything to no one.”

Volkanovski, who won the first fight on points, accused the former champion of being a “sore loser”.

He said: “Look, I don’t know if he’s playing the game and he’s just trying to get people to believe the s*** he’s saying, I don’t know what it is.

“I’m not letting it get to me. It seems like it’s getting to him.

“It seems like he’s salty and he’s being a bit of a sore loser, but I guess losing is tough and maybe that’s why he’s acting like that.”


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