Mercato : PSG wants to keep Rico as a lining of Navas this summer


Among the players at the end of the contract that the PSG wishes to retain in anticipation of the two finals of domestic cups and of the final tournament of the champions League this summer, there is a case at hand. This is one of Sergio Rico (26), the substitute goalkeeper-aligned eight times this season (six goals against). His situation differs from that of the other players out of contract that are Thiago Silva, Cavani, Miller and Kurzawa. The doorman andalusian happens also at the end of his lease, on the 30th of June next, but as he moved to PSG in the framework of a loan for one season, this last one is supposed to find the complement of the Sevilla FC from the 1st of July.

However, if Rico did not gave any satisfaction to the parisian club which has not exercised its option to purchase one remembers his dumpling face to Bordeaux last February (won 4-3) with this release directly on Pablo marking of the knee -, the PSG intends to offer a bit of rab in the lining of Keylor Navas. Discussions in this direction have been initiated with Monchi, the sporting director of Sevilla, so the club andalusian agrees to extend the loan of goalkeeper until the end of the month of August, as recommended by FIFA.

Seville will not be caught

Within the PSG, it wants to be confident about the outcome of the negotiations, touting the quality of the relationship between Leonardo and his counterpart in seville. The case seems all the more insurmountable that Seville does not seem to cling to Rico. At the end of contract in June 2021, the latter could be sold this summer, according to indiscretions of the press of andalusia.

For PSG, the record is less trivial than it seems. In the case of injury to Keylor Navas, and if Rico were to default, the PSG should be based on the Polish Marcin Bulka (20 years old) who has never played a single game of the European Cup. Too soft therefore. Ditto for Garissone Innocent (20 years old) enrolled on list B of the players of the PSG for the champions League. A pure product of training in paris, the latter has never evolved in Ligue 1 and is not yet armed for the battles of the continent.

Has less to recruit, which will surely be in a second time but it is not possible for the matches of the summer – PSG have therefore a strong need to repatriate Rico, the only element that is actually able to replace Navas in the case of a package.

Areola should extend for two months with the Real

On his side, Zinedine Zidane is one of the whole of its workforce by the end of the Liga and a possible qualification for the quarter-finals of the champions League (Real Madrid has yet to face Manchester City on his land after being tilted 1-2 at Santiago-Bernabeu to go). The PSG and leaders in madrid have also begun negotiations to extend the loan of Alphonse Areola until the end of the month of August. Source Spanish, it refers to already an agreement for an extension. The world champion in 2018 should thus re-enlist for two months in Madrid.

Anyway, under the regulations of UEFA, Areola, even if it is at PSG, is not qualified to evolve with Paris in this competition. In effect, the ” Bar ” is inscribed on the list of the Real Madrid players. Even if Paris was at the beginning of July, despite the healthcare situation is unprecedented, it is not sure that UEFA is in breach of its regulations. These provide that the new players of the second phase of the champions League must be added before the 1st of February.


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