Mike Tyson called out by Riddick Bowe, 52, for exhibition fight as boxing legend reveals he is already back training


MIKE TYSON has been called out by Riddick Bowe – with the American boxing legend also back in training.

Iron Mike, 54, has been putting in the hard graft to get back into the ring – either for an exhibition fight or a pro bout.

Tyson Fury, dad John, Evander Holyfield and Shannon Briggs are just a few of the bigs names linked with fighting Tyson.

But Tyson’s old school mate – and former heavyweight world champion – Bowe is eager to be the man he returns for.

Bowe, 52, told SunSport: “If the fans want to see me fight again, I’m fighting. I want to make fans happy.

“Equally, I want to be remembered as one who did everything to truly make boxing great.

“I want to get out there. This is the perfect time, I believe, and I’m very excited to fight again.

“It’s official. Actually, let me put it this way: I am officially back and want to and will fight.

“Come on Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield…”

Bowe continued by saying it’s Tyson he wants to fight above all else, with Iron Mike tirelessly training for his own comeback.

The pair, separated by just two years in age, went to the same school and grew up in the same Brooklyn neighbourhood.

Fans would have loved to have seen the duo clash during their heyday, but a number of factors never led to it materialising.

During Bowe’s prime, Tyson was in jail for rape.

And by the time he was released, Bowe’s best days were behind him as his old pal went in search of regaining the world heavyweight title.

But Big Daddy would love to take on the ‘Baddest Man On The Planet’ right now.

I am very excited I want to fight Mike now… I will fight him any day of the week.

Bowe claimed: “We went to the same school. We knew each other quite well.

“We started off fairly close being in the same neighbourhood, but then went
different directions as our boxing developed.

“Of course, we both made it and became the world heavyweight champions.

“I am very excited I want to fight Mike now… I will fight him any day of the week – whether it’s an exhibition, or even a pro fight.”

Bowe has been locked in talks with Eddie Hearn about a fight with Anthony Joshua, with the American veteran keen “fight anybody”.

Despite that, it’s Tyson he craves, continuing: “I will fight anybody.

“I will fight Evander Holyfield, or Mike, Klitschko or even Tyson Fury. I’m open to Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua.

“My manager has been talking to Eddie Hearn but Eddie has not got back to him.

“But it’s Mike I really want to fight.”

Even though Tyson has been the one making headlines for his eagerly-anticipated comeback to the ring, Bowe claimed he was already plotting a return of his own.

Despite his desire to fight Iron Mike, Bowe says it would be “beneath himself” to make an offer to him, insisting Tyson must come to him.

Bowe revealed: “I was already planning a comeback. I’ve not reached out to Mike but I am.

“The reason I haven’t yet is because he’s getting offers from all over and I don’t want this to be just another offer.

“I don’t want to be in the crowd. I’m serious and I’m waiting for everything to die down a bit.

“But I’m sure Mike knows I’m interested in doing a pro fight.

“I can say now that officially I am going to fight again. I am on a comeback now. That’s for sure.

I can say now that officially I am going to fight again. I am on a comeback now.

“Like I said, I will fight Mike Tyson anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

“Mike has to reach out to me; I’m not going to reach out to him right now.

“For me to send out a fight proposal in the line with other fighters who want a piece of Mike, it’s below me.”

But Bowe, who once lost all his money, won’t accept anything less than “$1million or $2m” to fight… because he’s better than Tyson.

He said: “I won’t take less than a million dollars – and even two million.

“That’s just the pay purse, plus pay per view. I deserve that.

“I have an impeccable record of 43-1 record. It’s far better than Mike’s.

“I’ve never been knocked out before. Mike has against Lennox Lewis,
Danny Williams, Evander Holyfield, James Douglas…”



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