Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr has David Haye bursting with excitement despite controversy over exhibition


DAVID HAYE is not masking his excitement over the controversial fantasy fight between Mike Tyson and his idol Roy Jones Jr.

The ring legends — with a combined age of 105 — will clash in an eight-round exhibition bout on September 12 with larger-than-usual 12oz gloves.

The pay-per-view spectacle has divided opinion but Haye, who reigned as world champion at both cruiser and heavyweight, is in the pro camp.

He said: “Roy Jones Jr is probably the most physically gifted boxer I have ever seen.

“He was so fast and such a massive idol and inspiration for me growing up as a teenager.

“I even used to watch some of his fights in the dressing room, just moments before my own, in the crazy hope that a little bit of that magic would somehow rub off on me.

“So I really am looking forward to this match because I love Tyson too.

“Neither man is in their prime but they are then equally out of their prime, so it is a fair contest between two legends at the same level.”

But the Hayemaker, 39, who retired in 2018, will not be returning to the ring himself.

He added: “It wouldn’t be an option for me right now.

“Training for a serious fight takes you into such a dark and miserable comfort zone.

“The thought of going through that process again does not appeal.”

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