Novak Djokovic has evolved into a toxic and divisive figure who only cares about himself.


Novak Djokovic has turned into a toxic and divisive figure who only cares about himself.

In his futile pursuit of professional glory at the Australian Open, the world No. 1 appears to have become detached from reality.

When does Novak Djokovic prioritize others’ interests over his own?

At what point does he acknowledge that his presence in Australia, however justified he believes it is, is divisive and toxic?

Whatever is going on in Melbourne, tennis does not appear to be at the center of it.

What began as a simple quest to enter Australia in order to compete in the Australian Open has turned into a global sensation, engulfed in a whirlpool of emotion, ill will, and nationhood, all of which is masked by the politics of Covid and vaccine ethics.

Djokovic was straight out of detention and onto the court to clear his head and refocus his muscle memory on grand slam win No. 21, which is all that matters to him and, of course, answers the question posed in the first sentence.

In his zealous pursuit of professional glory, he overlooks the scope of a pandemic that is ravaging Australia once more.

Covid struck great Australian hope Nick Kyrgios, who is now a doubt for the tournament that Djokovic is set to grace unvaccinated, while Djokovic’s appeal against his visa block was being heard.

Since Djokovic showed up at a young players’ event in Belgrade the day after testing positive for Covid last month and organized the ill-fated Adria Tour last summer, it’s clear he doesn’t care about the pandemic’s protocols.

It’s also clear that, in their inevitable personalization of the conflict, his parents and supporters have lost sight of the larger issue at hand.

His parents framed his victory in court as greater than any victory achieved on the court at a press conference called by his family in Belgrade.

“It was the biggest win of his career, bigger than any grand slam,” said the mother of her freedom fighter son, who, as she would have it, faced down Australian state oppression and triumphed like a champion.

Dad spoke of a young man from a poor, small country who had an unbreakable spirit, which he had used to “be the best.”

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Novak Djokovic has become a toxic and divisive presence who cares about no one but himself

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