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Returns the pitcher to the water: James Rodriguez adjusted his second match on the grandstand, away from the action of a Real Madrid win, like and crushes without miss it.

The suspension by the coronavirus covid-19 did not change anything in the picture of a season 2019/2020 with inklings of the nightmare, one year lost, of conviction which no longer seems to have it backwards.

The reality is final: the colombian adds up to 8 months without being inicialista in LaLiga, from that day on that he played against Mallorca and, words more, words less, disappointed. In fact, we have already met 4 months and 13 days the last time he came to a field, the match against Real Sociedad, which resulted in the elimination of the Copa del Rey, which cleared him, without more, of the list of Zinedine Zidane.

Now James looks at the rearview mirror and found a season more than disappointing: 341 minutes played in the League, 81 in the Champions league, 216 in the Cup, and just 13 in the Super cup. Here’s to a year of 651 minutes!

Facing the arch-rival, is a balance which is even more distressing: a goal in the triumph 4-2 against Granada (October 5, 2019) and just two assists: for Benzema, in the 3-2 win against Levante (September 14, 2019) and for Vinicius, in the 4-0 defeat against Zaragoza Copa del Rey (January 29, 2019). Don’t play, that explains everything.

Because to complete the picture, the injury affected him four times during the current season and forced him to be 75 days out of the plans of his team, whose brutal internal competition took a toll. To the sample other number: his overall game throughout the season is just 13 minutes.

Although it does not mean that only the physical problems he was sentenced for the 31 matches, which yes was available for Zidane, it was only used in 13 opportunities: 8 times was the owner, 5 times is not what it was but he entered the field – Means that in 9 times he was on the bench and 9 times more not even entered in the plans by technical decision.

At this point, James only exceeds in minutes played two of his teammates: Brahim, who sum 170 minutes in all competitions, and Asensio, who comes from a serious injury and on Thursday he played his first few minutes, with a detail that does not help the left-hander: he already equaled the amount of goals scored in the season (scored 3-0 against Valencia for the League).

Zidane says that you do not need to remind the class of the player, which will use it because it comes a month from 11 matches and have men key as a Hazard and Asensio coming back from injury and need to be cared for, which lay hold of all the staff, without exceptions. But they went two games without that look on the bench to number 16, and that signal, necessarily, makes you think of distrust.

How much more will support James? There are many things in game. If Madrid indeed want to get out of him in the next summer, knowing that we will only have a year left of contract, you should put it in the display case… that is to say in the court. It is known that he trains as all and that overrides the rumors that have always surrounded his stay in Madrid. But he looks comfortable on the bench and that sooner or later, will invoice. The future, sadly, is as uncertain as the recent past of a season simply ill-fated.



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