Pornstar Renee Gracie to make motorsport comeback and will use £14k-a-week income from sexy pics to fund return


ADULT star Renee Gracie is returning to motorsport just a month after it emerged she had quit to sell sexy pics online.

And the Australian plans to use her £14,000-a-week OnlyFans income to fund her own racing team.

The 25-year-old was the first ever full-time female Supercars driver.

And having had some time away from the track, she is now ready to get back on to the circuit alongside her new found vocation.

She said: “I now have the financial security to get back into it.

“I can now afford to go racing without worrying about crashing the car. I can do it and afford to do it.

“I can go racing and not have to worry about a budget. I won’t be reliant on sponsorships.”

Other Supercars drivers distanced themselves from Gracie when her new career emerged.

Being cute bae 💕

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Just me

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But she is unfazed and hit out at anyone planning to block her racing return.

She added: “I know I have ruffled some feathers. They might try and ban me but it will be interesting to see how.

“I can’t believe the sport’s administrators would not allow me to race. Not in 2021 with all the social injustice happening around the world.

“What are they afraid of?

“I don’t think they would want me back,” Gracie said.

Gracie began her full-time racing career in a Porsche in 2013 when she became the first female to complete a full season of the Carrera Cup Australian Championship.

Asked if she was planning on stopping her OnlyFans work she said: “No I won’t stop.

“That’s what is giving me the money to pay for it.”

No bad days

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Not wearing black, feels weird.

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Do memory foam mattresses wish they could forget?

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I dunno what’s more annoying on Instagram at the moment. Seeing unqualified influencers posting about their at home workouts, the push up challenge or girls posting about their OnlyFans. link in bio 😂😉😈

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