Randy Orton brutally taunts WWE rival AJ Styles for again claiming that flat Earth theory is ‘interesting’


RANDY ORTON has brutally taunted AJ Styles once again over his fellow WWE star’s controversial flat-earth beliefs.

The outspoken Viper has previously called out the Phenomenal One on social media for a long-standing rumour that he disagrees that the world is a sphere.

Daniel Bryan has also called out Styles for believing in the Flat-Earth theory and the Intercontinental Champion attempted to clear up the allegations.

Speaking on his Twitch stream, AJ said: “Some conspiracies are just like…what? And then there’s some like, okay I get it. Yeah but what about this?

“For instance, the whole flat Earth thing. I’m with you guys. Randy Orton likes to be a turd…I’m like, come on!

“There are some interesting things that come up, and I was like, wow, that’s interesting. You know? But it was never, ‘It’s flat! It’s flat! You’re gonna fall!’

“It’s never been like that. Just because I said that was interesting I’m now a flat Earther? I’m like, alright then.

The whole flat Earth thing. I’m with you guys. Randy Orton likes to be a turd

“That’s the thing about theories. There’s some interesting things. That’s when I go, well, have you heard this? There’s a lot of interesting theories. You know, JFK, 9/11, like, that’s interesting, you know?”

After Styles’ Flat-Earth denial was tweeted out, Orton waded in to admit that he isn’t buying it.

He wrote: “Calling bulls*** #earth2AJ.”

Orton has previously admitted that he found the flat-earth theory hilarious and knew that it enrages Styles whenever he brings it up.

During an appearance on After The Bell with Corey Graves, he said: “I know you had AJ on a couple weeks ago or it was aired a couple of weeks ago.

“So I wanted to somehow segue to how AJ’s a flat-earther.

“He think’s the Earth’s flat, and I know that’s just a really comical topic to talk about. And I give him s**t about it, and he hates it. So I just had to get that.

“It’s not a rib. He thinks the Earth’s flat.”


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