Rex Ryan’s Honest Admission Is Met With Applause Around The NFL


Rex Ryan’s Honest Admission Is Met With Applause Around The NFL

Following his slamming of New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh on ESPN’s Get Up earlier this week, NFL analyst and former head coach Rex Ryan reportedly reached out to Saleh to mend fences.

Ryan said he spoke with Saleh this morning on ESPN and liked what he heard.

He went from ripping Saleh’s ineptness earlier in the week to saying the Jets got it right.

Ryan said, “I was blown away by the guy.”

“He has a plan for this football team.

I’ll tell you something, Jets fans: the more I spoke with Robert Saleh, the more impressed I became.

His music grew on me and I became a fan.

Taking my call and everything says a lot about him.

But it was more about putting that in the past.

But it was about the team’s future, and I’ll tell you something: this guy has a great plan, and I believe they got it right.”

Ryan’s change of pace has elicited a range of reactions, which is understandable.

Some people think it’s great to see the two work out their differences, while others think Ryan went after a coach he doesn’t know anything about.

The last coach to lead the New York Jets to the playoffs was Rex Ryan, who led them to the AFC Championship Game in 2010.

He coached the team for another four years before being fired, finishing with a 61-66 record in New York.

Since Ryan’s dismissal after the 2014 season, Robert Saleh is the third coach to take over.

However, his coaching career has gotten off to a shaky start.

With the NFL’s worst defense, the Jets are 2-7.

They’re on pace to give up a franchise record and possibly the most in NFL history (albeit over the course of a 17-game season).

Until the team improves, Saleh will almost certainly face a barrage of criticism.

Rex Ryan, on the other hand, will no longer be one of them.

The NFL Community Reacts To Rex Ryan’s Open Admission

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NFL World Reacts To Rex Ryan’s Honest Admission

NFL World Reacts To Rex Ryan’s Honest Admission

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