Rey Mysterio holds talks over new WWE deal days after having ‘eye gouged out’ and set for speedy return despite injury


REY MYSTERIO could soon be back in WWE despite ‘having his eye gouged out’ last week after contract talks.

The masked icon lost to Seth Rollins on Sunday at WWE’s The Horror Show At Extreme Rules in an ‘Eye For An Eye’ match.

His opponent was left puking at ringside after the gruesome conclusion, with the story line allowing the company to write the veteran out of the show for some time.

As reported previously, Mysterio has been working without a contract in recent months and on a handshake with Vince McMahon alone.

It looked like his grizzly defeat to Rollins could have been his last in WWE, but now he could be back sooner than many thought.

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson claims Mysterio met with WWE officials this week at their Stamford Connecticut HQ to discuss a new deal. 

Although he stated it is still uncertain whether they were able to reach an agreement, although he was at Raw tapings five days ago despite not being used on TV.

His injuries were reported on the show as they stated he had escaped with his nerves unharmed during the kayfabe incident.

Wrestling Observer believe he will eventually pen a new contract for McMahon as he wants to watch his son Dominik continue to progress in the company. 

He thinks WWE is the best place for the youngster’s talent to flourish.

Their source also said McMahon’s faith in Mysterio was only strengthened further after he kept his verbal agreement.

Rumours had also linked him with appearing on rival promotion AEW, which WWE would not have been able to stop legally, but that never materialised.


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