Richard Agar refuses to close door on Toronto-bound Richie Myler and Stevie Ward


Leeds coach Richard Agar has refused to close the door on Toronto-bound Richie Myler and Stevie Ward should the Wolfpack not return to Super League.

Talks have begun on whether the Canadian club should be allowed to return next year after they withdrew from the 2020 campaign just 13 days before it restarts on August 2.

The Wolfpack have been plagued by visa, financial and logistical issues that have been amplified by the Covid crisis.

Half-back Myler and back rower Ward are both understood to have signed with Toronto although their moves have not been formally announced. And Agar says he is open minded about what would happen should the Wolfpack fail to return.

He said: “I understand that there’d be a fair amount of concern from the guys that have been strongly linked to Toronto.

“From our point of view we said right from the outset that thought that because of the impact of Covid, we wanted to make sure our existing guys were alright first.

“We haven’t gone out into the market looking to bring players in, and it was imperative from a trust and honesty point of view that we deal with our own guys first – which we’ve done.

“We’re not too panicky about making signings just yet, I’m comfortable with the squad we’ve got and if we have room for one, two, three players and there’s an opportunity to go into the market then we will.

“Does that include the guys going to Toronto? It depends on them and if they’ve got a team to go to next year.

“The whole circumstances could evolve again and I wouldn’t rule anything out or rule anything in. For us it’s about not making knee jerk reactions to decisions at other clubs.”

Myler – who had been filling in at full-back and hooker before the season shutdown with Agar preferring to start with Luke Gale and Rob Lui at halfback – is now playing a key role in the Rhinos’ restart plans.

Biosecurity procedures mean that players cannot eat together like usual at Headingley, leading Agar’s squad to adapt to their new circumstances.

The coach added: “The players have been sat outside Richie Myler’s camper van in the car park with packed lunches and fishing chairs.

“I think it’s actually added to the spirit between the guys, just to experience this and make the best of the situation they’re in at the moment.”

On Friday Super League reported that 924 players, staff and officials in the competition have been Covid tested at least twice ahead of the August 2 restart, with zero positive cases.


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