Roadwork speed cameras sting drivers for almost £10million with 100,000 motorists caught and fined


SPEED cameras at roadworks have stung drivers for almost £10million.

More than 100,000 were caught in England and Wales, with each uncontested fine at least £100.

One set on the A14 raked in almost £4million alone.

Nearly 40,000 motorists were caught over the 40mph temporary limit between Cambridge and Huntingdon.

It was in place for three years as part of a £1.5billion improvement scheme.

Figures released under Freedom of Information laws showed which temporary cameras decommissioned in the last two years caught the most speeders.

A section of the M1 between J24 and 25 in Derbyshire saw 11,000 caught in 18 months.

In North Wales, almost 7,000 drivers were nabbed on the A55 westbound between Abergele and Conwy.

A similar number were caught in six months on the M5 northbound between J4 and J3. In West Yorks, cameras on the M62 between J33 and J34 nailed more than 5,000 drivers in four months.

And Merseyside Police got 3,000 speeders in a month on the M6 between J26 and J27.

Authorities only release speeder numbers once the temporary systems are removed.

Highways England said: “We use reduced speed limits for a number of reasons but primarily for the safety of road users and the workforce.

“All speed cameras are clearly signed.”

But Hugh Bladon, of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: “Limits may be appropriate when people are walking about with a spade, but they should go back when they clock off work.

“We ought to have a system where we change the limit to fit in with what is needed at specific hours of the day.”

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