Robin van Persie friends warned Arsenal ace off joining Man Utd as ‘it’s really bad and always raining’ in Manchester


ROBIN VAN PERSIE was warned by friends about the weather before his transfer to Manchester United.

The Dutch ace made the switch from Arsenal to Manchester United in the summer of 2012.

Speaking on the UTD Podcast, Van Persie explained how friends tried to change his mind about a move up north by telling him the weather would be bad.

“A lot of people told me – friends in London – they asked why was I going to live in Manchester,” he said.

“It’ll be difficult, they said, it’s really that bad and always raining – the classic story about Manchester.

“I said: ‘Okay, but I want to make the move. I’m doing it.'”

After eight years in north London, Van Persie was snapped up by United for £24million.

He went on to help Sir Alex Ferguson’s side to Premier League glory in 2012-13, scoring 26 goals in the process.

The former striker went on to explain how despite the weather warnings from his pals, he enjoyed life in Manchester off the pitch as well.

“We had one of the best years in Manchester, Boucha [Van Persie’s wife] and the kids,” Van Persie added.

“They were so happy there. Boucha was very happy there.

“London is a beautiful city but, to compare London and Manchester, in London, most people are in a rush.

“In Manchester, I noticed a lot of people, they just had more time and can have a chat; shall we go for lunch? Shall we do this? Shall we do that?

“It was a different lifestyle and, when you have a family, the perfect place to be.”


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