Take a VW California staycation and wake up to a new view from your bedroom window every day


I LIKE the simple things in life.

I like Moretti. I like PopMaster. I like custard creams. I like footie before VAR. I like manual handbrakes. I like picnics and barbecues and lazy summer evenings. I like Yorkshire Tea.

I even like my kids.

But do you know what I really, really like? I like the freedom of a camper van.

Go where you want, when you want, and wake up every morning to a different view from your bedroom window.

This time last week I was in Devon, it was 24C and glorious.

Surfing at Croyde. Stand-up paddle boarding and cliff diving at Watermouth Cove. Then fish and chips watching the sun go down at Ilfracombe Harbour. All just five hours from home.

My mate Dave spent £1,500 renting a house for his family. My accommodation cost a tank of fuel. It had a fully-fitted mini kitchen and sleeps four.

Of course, the maths aren’t as simple as that. Camper vans are expensive — especially a brand-spanking VW California 6.1 starting at £55k. Finance from £429 a month.

But add up how much you spend on a family car and a two-week family holiday to Tenerife every year and it starts to make sense. Especially if you buy nearly-new.

With Covid-19 and social distancing and Brexit — goodness knows what that will mean for E111 health cards, phone data and driving permits from next year — do you really want to be flying somewhere abroad and eating from a menu showing pictures of your food?

Staycations are about to become as trendy as TikTok.

What’s more, you could happily use a California for the school run in the week then drop a pen on a map and go on a mystery tour at the weekend.

Now, you should know modern Californias are Transporter vans converted expertly in-house by VW. Old VW campers built before 2005 were converted by other firms, so that’s your starting point.

So what do you get for your money? A sweet engine and gearbox combo for starters. I averaged 37mpg on a 600-mile round trip, which is more than the official VW figure.

You get cutting-edge technology (adaptive cruise control, digital cockpit), VW craftmanship and lots of admiring looks from hippies to hedge-fund managers and everyone in between.

But most of all, you get cool things like picnic chairs hidden in the tailgate and a control panel for the electric elevating roof, heater and level-o-meter to find flat ground — essential for a good night’s sleep.

And if you don’t get the master bedroom up top, there are blackout blinds on the windows below.

As I said, I like the simple things in life. I like camper vans. I like adventure at the drop of a handbrake.

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