The autopsy reveals that the ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather died due to overdose


Josie Harris, ex girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the mother of three of the sons of the boxing champion, died of an overdose, according to the report of the coroner of Los Angeles.

Harris was found dead at the age of 40 years last march, and according to the records obtained by Blast, the coroner determined that the cause of the demise of Harris was due to an accidental overdose caused by a mixture of fentanyl and alprazolam, a medication for anxiety.

Found to Harris without reply in their car, parked in front of his house in Valencia (California).

The Police said that one of his sons was found in front of the property.

There was No suicide note or evidence of drug use in the scene.

Harris and Mayweather had a problematic relationship, because she stated that he hit her on multiple occasions, and even an incident in 2010 led to the ex-boxer to a 90-day sentence of imprisonment.

The woman also said that Mayweather assaulted in 2005, but then withdrew the charges and admitted that he was lying.

Mayweather and Harris were scheduled to go to court at the end of this year due to a demand of $ 20 million that Harris filed against Floyd.

The complaint arose when Mayweather denied in a interview that in the dispute of 2010, he only tried to contain Harris and that she was drugged.

The story that Mayweather had in the interview was different to what is recorded in the police report.

Harris published evidence long after the incident in 2010, which indicated that he still had some kind of relationship with Mayweather.

After the death of Harris, Mayweather published a tribute of several photos of her on Instagram. .


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