The father of Djokovic, aggravating Federer: “he Plays with for 40 years because it does not support that Novak and Nadal are better”


Just a few hours after Novak Djokovic said that Roger Federer was “possibly the tennis history’s greatest” by his ease of play, the father of Serbian tennis player, Srdjan Djokovic atizaba the swiss without hesitation.

“Roger does not end up being the best of the story, that’s why you have so much hostility toward my son. Both have a relationship of respect, but why do you play with 40 years ago? Because you do not agree to the fact that Novak and Nadal are better than him. Just go home; the tennis is not everything in life,” said the parent of the number 1 in the world.

“Federer is the typical swiss cold, a great rival of my son, and champion, but not good enough to be compared with Novak,” he added, while admitting that it bothers him that the harrow to tilt in favor of the swiss always plays against his son.

Federer, who was operated on last February 18, the knee, had to go under the knife again in June and ended his season. .


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