The NFL Community Reacts to Deshaun Watson’s Injury on Saturday


The NFL Community Reacts To Deshaun Watson’s News From Saturday

The Miami Dolphins’ decision to fire head coach Brian Flores earlier Saturday morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, hurt the team’s chances of acquiring Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“With Brian Flores no longer in charge in Miami, the Dolphins’ chances of pursuing or acquiring Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson are slim to none, according to sources.”

“While Flores was interested in pursuing a Watson partnership, others in the organization, including owner Steven Ross, were not,” Schefter said.

With that in mind, fans took to Twitter to speculate that Steven Ross was interested in trading for Watson.

According to one analyst, Ross allegedly agreed to a trade if certain conditions were met earlier in the season.

“huh?? didn’t ross have contingencies he wanted met for a deal?” the analyst wondered.

NFL World Reacts To Saturday’s Deshaun Watson News

NFL World Reacts To Saturday’s Deshaun Watson News

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