The NFL World Reacts To Aaron Rodgers’ Latest Drama


The NFL Community Reacts To Aaron Rodgers’ Latest Drama

Another week, another odd Aaron Rodgers saga.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed his “COVID toe” issue on Wednesday.

Rodgers, who has been dealing with a toe injury, has dismissed the notion that his injury is linked to his COVID-19 diagnosis.

Rodgers admitted to playing with a toe injury, but it’s just a simple fracture and nothing to do with COVID.

“I’m glad you asked just so I could show you the lesions on my foot here,” Rodgers said to reporters on Wednesday. “If I have enough room on this camera, let me see if I can.”

“Oh, oh, there aren’t any lesions at all.”

What a pleasant surprise.

When you spread false information about someone, that’s referred to as disinformation.

“I have a toe fracture.”

Rodgers did, in fact, show the media a photo of his toe.

But that wasn’t the only thing that happened.

Rodgers also misidentified the author of a Wall Street Journal story about his “COVID toe.”

Molly Knight, the reporter Rodgers incorrectly identified, issued a statement on Twitter.

Rodgers has had one of those years.

Every couple of weeks since his offseason trade demand rumors, a bizarre new storyline has emerged.

For the NFL, it’s been a similar year.

Green Bay, too, is having a big weekend.

The Packers and Rams will face off at 4:25 p.m. on Sunday.

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The NFL Community Reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ Latest Drama

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NFL World Reacts To The Latest Aaron Rodgers Drama

NFL World Reacts To The Latest Aaron Rodgers Drama

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