Three weeks before Colby Covington’s UFC fight, Kamaru Usman reveals he broke his hand by slamming Justin Gaethje in the head.


Kamaru Usman reveals that he broke his hand three weeks before the UFC fight between Colby Covington and Justin Gaethje by slamming Justin Gaethje in the head.

In the build-up to his rematch with Colby Covington at UFC 268, KAMARU USMAN revealed he broke his hand.

The Nigerian superstar claimed he injured himself during a sparring session by punching lightweight Justin Gaethje in the head.

Usman successfully defended his UFC Welterweight Championship for the fifth time earlier this month, defeating the trash-talking American by unanimous decision.

And the legendary 34-year-old fighter has now confirmed that he had to overcome a major physical challenge just three weeks before the fight when he broke his right hand.

“I broke it [his right hand]before the fight,” he said recently on the Full Send Podcast.

“Most people were unaware of this.”

I broke it three weeks prior to the fight, but didn’t throw it until the day of the fight.

“I didn’t throw it until you were warming up backstage before the fight,” she explained.

For three weeks, I didn’t throw my right hand.”

“I broke it on someone’s head, Justin Gaethje’s head,” he added.

In the build-up to fights, Usman is known for ignoring injuries.

He is said to have broken his nose prior to the first Jorge Masvidal fight last year.

Despite this, he went on to win the fight convincingly.

Usman has won 19 straight MMA fights, dating back to his second pro fight in 2013, when he was defeated by Jose Caceres.

His dominance in the UFC has prompted him to look for new challenges in the boxing world.

And earlier this month, the welterweight champion challenged Canelo Alvarez, a pound-for-pound boxing superstar, to a crossover fight.

“I’ve already said the name that interests me – Canelo,” he told TMZ Sports.

That is what piques my interest.

“Why would I do it if I didn’t believe in myself? Of course, I do.”

“He’s incredible.”

I’m not going to deprive him of anything.

But how often does one get the chance to pit oneself against the best?”


Despite Usman’s desire to fight Alvarez in the future, UFC president Dana White has ruled out the possibility.

“He doesn’t want to fight Canelo, he doesn’t want to fight Canelo,” White said after Usman’s win over Covington and Canelo’s victory over Caleb Plant.

“Come on man, let’s put an end to this nonsense.” [Kamaru] doesn’t want to fight Canelo because Alvarez is so damn good…

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