Tony Romo’s Reaction To Lamar Jackson’s Injury


Tony Romo’s Reaction to Lamar Jackson’s Injuries

When it was announced that Lamar Jackson would be unable to play today due to illness, the Ravens were devastated.

But, according to CBS TV analyst Tony Romo, all is not lost.

The former Cowboys quarterback believes the Ravens offense will be similar to what it is now that Lamar is at the helm.

“I think he plays a lot like Lamar,” Romo said, “and they’ll get back to who they are eventually.”

I don’t expect this offense to change much, and I believe he’ll be fine.”

With Jackson out of the lineup, Tyler Huntley is making his first NFL start.

Since joining the Ravens, the second-year quarterback hasn’t played much.

His only snaps with the Ravens this season came at the end of a rout of the Bengals in Week 7.

Huntley threw for 39 yards on 5-11 passes.

Huntley was a three-year starter for the University of Utah in college.

He was one of the most productive quarterbacks in the country when he was healthy.

Huntley was a first-team All-Pac-12 selection his senior year, and he competed with Heisman winner Joe Burrow for the highest completion percentage in the country.

He threw for 3,092 yards and 19 touchdowns against only four interceptions.

With 290 yards and five rushing touchdowns, he was also a threat on the ground.

Huntley was projected as a late-round priority free agent prospect who could “make all the NFL throws” and could fit into the right offensive scheme.

On Sunday, when he fills in for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens are hoping he can channel some of that.

Even if it’s only for a game.

Tony Romo’s Reaction To Lamar Jackson’s Injuries

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Tony Romo Reacts To The Lamar Jackson News

Tony Romo Reacts To The Lamar Jackson News

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