Twitter users poke fun at John Barnes after millionaire joked he was short changed by 20p


MILLIONAIRE footie pundit John Barnes has been roasted online by fans for whinging at being short-changed by 20p.

The ex-Liverpool and England ace complained he handed over £2 for the £1.80 Mersey Tunnel toll and got nothing back.

Barnes, 56, was travelling from the Wirral to Liverpool..

He tweeted an angry face emoji and wrote: “Only had a £2 coin so went to attendant.

“He said he can’t give change . . . how can u handle money but not give out change?”

Fans mocked Barnes, who was the first player on £10,000 a week in 1992. One joked: “Go and set up a GoFundMe page.”

Another added: “I paid £15 to watch England & if u ran more than 100yds all game it’s stretching it. Now that’s short-changed Jonny boy.”

Barnes’s post racked up more than 1,000 comments and 3,000 likes.

As a player he scored 11 times for England, and also starred for Watford and Newcastle.

He managed Celtic. In 2008 he avoided a driving ban for having no insurance after pleading poverty, saying a he couldn’t afford a driver.

Merseytravel said staff will not give change to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

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