Tyson Fury shows off new MINI as 6ft 9in Gypsy King squeezes in for ride around Morecambe


TYSON FURY has proudly shown off his new purchase – a 1993 MINI Cooper – as the 6ft 9in star squeezed in for quick spin around Morecambe.

The Gypsy King, 31, has owned super-expensive Rolls Royces, Ferraris and Range Rovers down the years.

But Fury, proud of his humble roots, has swapped them all out for the “iconic British vehicle”.

Speaking to the camera, Fury is seen crammed into the tiny, original model MINI Cooper in high spirits, with kids in the back.

Tyson gleefully said: “Hello there, everybody. Just thought I’d drive around Morecambe in my new car.

“Taking in the sights in a real iconic British vehicle… the MINI Cooper. Cherry red.”

With a cheeky wink and a thumbs up to the camera, Fury whizzed off to explore his hometown.

Football stars N’Golo Kante and Bruno Fernandes have famously driven around in MINIs in recent years.

The on-fire Portuguese star even took his for a spin to training on Friday.

But both Fernandes and Kante drive the modern, bigger, BMW-owned MINIs you see so often on the roads today.

Fury, though, has opted for the original, super-small, retro model.

The classic MINI is enjoying something of a renaissance among old school car lovers.

But even then, the 27-year-old vehicle goes for this side of £10,000.

His latest buy should come as no surprise though, with the Gypsy King recently admitting he’s given up the “flash life”.

The heavyweight champion admitted: “I used to love leading the flash life, like most red-blooded young men.

“No longer. I’m not interested in material possessions. Not any more. They mean nothing.”


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