Tyson Fury sparring partner Jared Anderson – dubbed ‘new Deontay Wilder’ – blasts ‘ridiculous’ glove conspiracy claims


TYSON FURY’S sparring partner – dubbed the ‘next Deontay Wilder’ – has slammed the glove conspiracy claims aimed at the Gypsy King.

Jared Anderson said it was “blasphemy” to suggest the WBC heavyweight champ had been guilty of any wrongdoing in his win over the Bronze Bomber.

Fury, 31, drew against Wilder, 34, in 2018 but in February avenged the result with a seventh-round win in Las Vegas.

Wilder was totally outclassed but his brother Marsellos claimed Fury hid blunt objects in his gloves.

While others accused Fury of tampering with his gloves and/or wraps.

The WBC have since cleared Fury of any wrongdoing – and Fury himself labelled the claims “bulls***”.

Anderson – who was hailed as the “hero” behind Fury’s win – said he knows what the Brit is capable of having gone head-to-head with him in the gym.

And he added that the demolition job on Wilder was merely a culmination of all the work in training.

Speaking about the glove-tampering claims, Anderson told told Pro Boxing Fans: “I thought it was blasphemy.

“I thought it was just ridiculous.

“Because me being a sparring partner and me seeing and me watching him and the way he punches, he did everything he did in the gym.

“He did everything he did in the gym in that fight.

“So the way his gloves open, the way he opens his hands, he open-hand punches because he has strong hands.

“He hasn’t broken his hand yet doing it.

“There’s no different glove or anything in his glove or anything like that. He’s just good.”

Anderson was credited with helping Fury win the heavyweight crown after improving his accuracy in sparring.

BT Sport released footage of Fury having his hands wrapped before winning the heavyweight title.

And despite Wilder’s head coach Jay Deas being present in Fury’s dressing room to oversee his hand wrapping, Marsellos claimed Wilder suffered injuries “no glove or fist was able to cause”.

But WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman backed Fury – who now is lining up two fights against Anthony Joshua.

He said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s difficult to understand.

“I was present in both fights, I was in the dressing room, in both fights. Both Wilder and Fury dressing room.

“One was in California, the other one was in Nevada. In both cases, there were at least three inspectors in each dressing room.

“I was there before and after the fight. And I saw the hand wraps, I saw them with the gloves.

“At no moment, in either fight, I saw anything that would look suspicious whatsoever.”


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