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Where are the null-and-voiders?
I find it strange that despite the growing number of players testing positive for Covid 19 (Pogba, Laporte, Mahrez etc.) there are very few calls for the start of the season to be delayed. This is in stark contrast to a couple of months ago (before the restart of the 19/20 season) when social media was awash with supporters who were disgusted that lives weren’t being put before football. It’s almost as though there was some other agenda at play then but i can’t for the life of me figure out what that was. Anyone have any ideas?
Brian, Ireland


It’s sh*te being Scottish
In 2008 Scotland played Italy at Hamden, needing a win to qualify for the European Championships. It would have been a fantastic qualification from a group that contained the two World Cup finalists and one of the quarter finalists in Ukraine. Remarkably, Scotland had beaten France home and away but in typical Scottish fashion had lost to Georgia, resulting in them needing the aforementioned win over Italy.

The whole of Scotland was buzzing leading up to the game, with Scotland shirts on display everywhere you went. I watched it in a pub in Glasgow. The game kicked off at 5pm but by 3pm the pub was already turning people away. It was a thrilling game, with Scotland battling all the way to the end, when they conceded an injury time goal to lose the match. Even though we lost everyone was proud of the campaign and the way that Scotland had played.

Why am I writing about this? Because that was probably the last time Scotland gave us anything to really celebrate. As Ewan McGregor famously said in Trainspotting: “It’s s**** being Scottish.”

I’m writing this in injury time of the Scotland v Czech Republic game. A game that, incredibly, Scotland are winning. So why the doom and gloom? Well, Scotland have been absolutely dreadful. For anyone that missed the build up, this was basically a scratch Czech team, put together at the last minute due a number of positive Covid tests in the main squad. Scotland laboured painfully to a win that they barely deserved.

It really got me thinking about just how bad Scotland have been over the past 12 years. I’m not expecting miracles, but the things that really strikes me is not that Scotland have failed to qualify for a major tournament. It’s that I can’t remember a great result. Not one. In the last 10 years. Even if we didn’t qualify between 1998 and 2008 at least we had something to get excited about. A narrow playoff loss to England in 2000. Beating the Dutch in the first leg of a playoff in 2004, and the aforementioned campaign in 2008. But since then? Nothing. The most memorable results I can think of are the ‘nearlys’. Nearly beat England. Nearly beat Poland. Nearly drew with Germany and Spain. It’s not much to get excited about.

In those years, where Scotland have been nowhere, I’ve had to witness many moments that make you think ‘Why not us?’. Iceland, with a population around one fifteenth of Scotland’s, have qualified for 2 major tournaments. Croatia, with a smaller population than us have played in a World Cup final. All the other home nations not only qualified in 2016 but all made the knockout stage.

We don’t even really have players to be excited about. In the most Scottish turn of events ever, our two best players both play at left back, and our manager trying to fit both into the team probably makes us worse, not better. Our most promising young star, who seems like a genuine talent, now has a lengthy absence due to a knee injury. Beyond that, it’s a collection of bottom half Premier League, mixed with some from the Championship and the Scottish Premiership.

I genuinely don’t even know the reasons why. Why can Iceland put together a team that can challenge the top sides in the World, but we can’t? Why can Northern Ireland compete but we can’t? Why can Wales produce several world class attacking players, but we can’t? All I can assume is that the whole of Scottish football is rotten from top to bottom. The wrong managers, poor coaching, poor development, poor everything. I wish I could say there is light at the end of the tunnel, but sadly I just don’t see it.

Mike, LFC, London

Glazers and glass houses
Reading the interesting analysis by Swiss Ramble on twitter of Liverpool’s latest financial records threw up an interesting non-Liverpool fact. The Glazers have taken £69m in shareholder “dividends” out of MUFC over (presumably) the latest fincial period. Or to put it another way… they’ve leached the equivalent value of 1 Kai Havertz because they happen to be such fantastic owners. All that money could have gone towards paying off the clubs leveraged debt. How do the MUFC fans feel about this? Just for shits n’ giggles…
Andy West CTID

(Yes I do appreciate being a City fan, I really shouldn’t be starting financial discussions but what the hell! We’ve gotta talk about something right?)


Silly boys
You will get a flood of emails on this but my God, how f**king stupid are some of those players.

First Maguire and now Foden and Greenwood. They should all be ashamed of their carry on. Seriously, stay in a 5* hotel with mates and play the PlayStation. You can swipe right and left all you want and won’t get into trouble.
Paul (wonder what Icelandic Tinder is like)


Flogging is too good for them
Kick Foden and Greenwood out of the Nations League squad and never consider picking them for England again. They have let down their country, their manager, their clubs, their fans, the NHS and anyone who believes in England and everything it stands for.
Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells


Why do we have to grow up?
Reading the mailbox and I saw Dale’s comment about people over a certain age wearing a football jersey need to grow up, bit harsh.

I’m not one to cause an argument at all, however on this occasion let’s just let people wear what they wish, if they like wearing their teams jersey to show their passion and love for their side then fair play to them, nothing wrong with that at all.
Mikey, CFC (I often wear a jersey over a hoodie because, well, I just do)


Kick politics out of football
Rob, Brighton did you even read my mail properly and understand it? Pointing out what the ideological leanings of the politics taking over football is a factual statement, it tells you nothing about my political learnings you are just assuming (the last party I voted for in an election were the Lib Dems so I’m obviously not far-right). Not wanting politics on 365 or in football as a whole is an apolitical stance. If 365 was writing articles championing my politics I’d be equally as critical. The only argument you have to silence me is that I’m only complaining because I’m not a Marxist.

I stated clearly that I supported Marcus Rashford’s campaign not just because it was doing good but because he personally didn’t politicize it so why are you acting like the opposite? I never declared his campaign far-left, socialist or Communist, only you and others did. Free meal vouchers for children is a social program not socialism, there is a big difference. We live in a capitalist country run by a capitalist government who uses taxpayer funds to run social programs. This is normal in any capitalist country, it is in no way socialism. The Danish government had to state something very similar to this when Bernie Sanders kept incorrectly claiming they and other Northern European countries are socialist when none of them are. Marixists, Communists and Socialists or whatever they want to call themselves don’t even seem to understand what their own ideologies really are and what they entail. Well its either that or they just want people focused on the idea of free stuff paid for by taxing rich people rather than the horrors that have come hand in hand whenever any of these ideologies have ever been put into practice in the real world.

It is very telling you just assumed I’m a white straight man which just proves the extent your bigotry. Racism/sexism does exist and even more concerning has actually been increasing since the cultural Marxist have infected every area of society because its them causing it. Why would I care about the race and gender of football pundits? I care about their knowledge of the game and punditry skills not their innate characteristics. It’s very enlightening to see the people who claim to be the most progressive are the most racist, most sexist and mostly likely to discriminate against others. The great Martin Luther King famously said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” I agree with him wholeheartedly but the Marxists do not and you certainly don’t seem to.

My advice to you Rob is go read about Marxism and what has actually happened when its proponents have gained power because its certainly not free stuff and equality. Just ask the million Muslim Yuhgurs currently imprisoned by the Chinese Communist Party so they can be completely erased from Chinese society (If 365 won’t post this mail I will see stating this as the reason) or people of Kazakhstan who had over a quarter of their population starved to death during a famine caused intentionally by the Soviets, just search for ‘Goloshchyokin genocide’ on Google. If you need any more examples of why Marxism is bad as you aren’t quite convinced yet just lets me know. If you still want Politics in football especially that ideology then you are beyond reasoning with.

Now to the money men. NBA viewing figures have dropped 40% since they got political. 38% of fans polled say they are watching NBA games less because of the politics and 18% say they are watching games less because the NBA’s association with China. When this happens to the EPL the suits will put a stop to everything political in the game. The PL’s negotiating leverage with Sky for the next TV deal will be zero if viewing figures drop even 10% nevermind 40%.

I expect more mails incorrectly stating why I’m against politics in football but I can only express my opinions not cure stupidity, illiteracy or moral bankruptcy.
William, Leicester


What do you want?
I’m a committed Johnny Nic fan. However in his latest article he argues both for a fairer distribution of, well, everything.

Then he says the England kit should only be sold by one supplier in a clear monopoly.

Get an editor
Lawrence, evil Chelsea


Behind the scenes at Fergie’s United
Samwise, MUFC, not sure if you or any other United fans remember, but there was a behind-the-scenes documentary made following Man Utd the season directly after they won the treble. It was called “Beyond The Promised Land” and followed the team as they racked up some serious air miles – Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo and the infamous FA Cup-sacrificing mid-season jaunt to Brazil. All on top of a Champions League campaign with two group stages! To think today’s managers complain about fixture congestion now! Incredibly, United won the league by 18 points that season.

Perhaps it’s on YouTube somewhere? I had it on VHS, but videos have since become obsolete, so I haven’t seen it for twenty years now. I’d actually quite like to see it again, because all I can really remember are the likes of Sheringham, Cole and Yorke playing keepy-up on the Copacabana and Keano storming out of a team-bonding quiz, complaining of “a fix”! Although to be fair, he was up against Fergie, so there was only ever gonna be one winner there.

But it gave unique access to a team at the absolute peak of their powers. If nothing else, it should sate your (late) 90s nostalgia, unequivocally the best of all nostalgia!
Lee, 90s kid


Brits are at it again
A quote from your Newcastle article on Monday afternoon:

“And the new boys – all of them British – may be unflashy but they have a degree of certainty about them”.

Jeff Hendrick is from Dublin fellas. I can somewhat understand when you try to claim our film stars, but leave us our mediocre midfielders please.

Luke (Triggered) Connemara



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