Alleged ‘iPhone 12’ designs leaked – revealing top-secret 5G phone


APPLE’S top-secret iPhone 12 designs may have been leaked months ahead of their official reveal.

An insider has leaked images of alleged iPhone 12 designs used to create the phone’s exterior.

Every September, Apple unveils new iPhone models – and 2020 looks set to be no different.

That means the quality of iPhone leaks starts ramping up in summer, as Apple prepares to manufacture its next-gen devices.

Now a major iPhone 12 leak has seemingly revealed the new handset’s full design.

Gadget and accessory seller @Jin_Store posted design renders and 3D mock-ups of the device.

And they appear to show a brand new iPhone design with squared-off sides.

Most recent iPhone models have featured curvy sides, but recent rumours have suggested Apple would return to squared edges – just like the iPhone 4.

After all, 2020 is expected to be a blockbuster year for the iPhone, with Apple’s first 5G model expected.

If the design is squared, it would be the first flagship model to feature such a design since Apple’s iPhone 5s in 2013.

Reverting to a square design wouldn’t be unprecedented, either. Recent iPad Pro models – including the one launched in March this year – have squared-off sides.

Apple is expected to launch as many as four iPhone models later this year.

They’re likely to follow a similar format to last year’s models, but with a twist: 5G.

That’s the next generation of mobile internet, which is quickly becoming available across the UK and US.

Apple is one of the few major manufacturers that doesn’t currently offer a 5G phone – but that’s likely to changer with these new models.

Sadly, Apple won’t confirm (or deny) these designs until September.

Apple keeps a tight lid on details of its upcoming products, only confirming them during the official keynote.

 Until then, it’ll be impossible to verify these leaked designs.

However, it’s very common for accessory makers to leak phone designs ahead of time.

They typically acquire insider knowledge through sources inside phone-maker supply chains.

This allows them to create accessories – like phone cases – in time for the gadget’s launch, with zero delays.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that the @Jin_Store leak is completely wrong, or a hoax.

In other news, Apple could launch as many as nine new iPhone models this year.

It emerged this week that the next iPhone series is on track for release in September.

And, Android users are being warned not to download a specific phone background as it could crash their device.

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