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The price of the PS5 is hot.

Sony unveiled on 11. June in your revelation Event “The Future Of Gaming” the Design of the PlayStation 5 (PS5). In addition to a variety of Games, three major puzzles remained, nevertheless, left: price, Release, and size of the console. The secrets about the upcoming SonyConsole could Amazon France apparently, all of them at once by in the short term, all of the Details “leaked”.

Apparently, unintentionally, because of the PS5Entry was quickly deleted. A Screenshot could be customized anyway:

According to the advertising, it goes further…

The Sony PlayStation 5 (disk Version) seem to cost 499 euros and 20. November 2020 appear.

The Sony PlayStation 5 (Drive-in Version) is apparently 499 Euro costs and the 20. November 2020 appear.

Price of PS5 leaked

Therefore, the cost to the PlayStation 5 (with drive) 499 Euro. To appear the console on the 20. November. The date seems very realistic, because it is a Friday and it is exactly one week before Black Friday! Due to the current analyst estimates, we are keeping the 499 euros is quite realistic. This is also the threshold of pain for many PlayStation Fans, as we know from many discussions. A video game console for more than 500 Euro? Rather unlikely.

Therefore, one can assume that the Digital Edition of the PS5 at a price of 399 Euro appears, which, in turn, is often “leaked”. Sony – because of the built-in Hardware – to the beginning of the PS5 Era the consoles with a loss to sell. However, you know that you will get with the System, i.e. the sale of Games, the money back in.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 an even better Situation is for Sonyif someone buys games. After all, you have to share the proceeds from the sale of Games with no Retail dealers. Sony embarrassed even more profit.

What is the cost of the previous PlayStation consoles in your home?

System Start Price Release
PlayStation 152 Euro 29.09.1995
PlayStation 2 444 Euro 24.11.2000
PlayStation 3 599 Euro 23.03.2007
PlayStation 4 399 Euro 29.11.2013

Microsoft has already announced in advance: the price of the Xbox Series X remains agile, they would be the definitely PS5 customize. This means that the upcoming Xbox console will be cheaper.

PlayStation 5 DesignPlayStation 5 Design

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Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order already?

As long as no price has been officially identified, can not also PS5 pre-order it. However, there is another possibility, as it is already on the first day – as soon as the opportunity – in the list of pre-order enters.

We have added you the Link to the article “Sony PlayStation 5” in our Twitter Feed:

Just the article for on your wish list. On the day the console is available for pre-order, you’ll from the Online Shop is automatically informed. Order quickly, because there won’t be many consoles!


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