Amazon Releases Latest PS5 Price, Comparison with PS5 Digital


Amazon has released the price of the newly-launched PlayStation 5. During the Sony event on June 11, details and features of the gaming console were revealed.

Fans previously thought that the latest PS5 price would be about $499, but a listing on Amazon France revealed prices for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Only editions. The PS5 lists for $565, while the Digital Only version is at $450, Forbes reported.

Here is a tweet from a content creator and concept designer:

He posted this screengrab on the social media platform a few hours after the listing appeared on Amazon France. The PS5 listing showed to have the Sony PS5 console at the price range, with the disc drive and PS5 games, as well as the 4K Blu-rays.

In the anticipated Sony event, the company also revealed the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, a spin-off the PS5 but with important distinctions.

ScreenRant’s Alexandra Sakellariou stated, “Many gamers were already anticipating Sony would reveal details about the PS5’s mechanisms and hardware, along with some titles which will be available to play on the next-gen console. One surprise that many didn’t see coming, however, was the reveal of the PS5 Digital Edition, which has only helped to ramp up excitement for the release of the PS5 by this year’s holiday season.”

It is regarded as the special version of the standard PlayStation 5 gaming console, but the difference is, the former does not have a disc drive. Both the PS3 and PS4 features a drive that let gamers play Blu-Ray discs and DVDs in addition to copies of the video game titles. Players have this in the standard PS5 since it has the 4K UHG Blu-Ray disc drive.

However, this will not be offered with the Digital Edition. Rather, gamers can play titles downloaded directly from the PlayStation store. Without the disc drive, Sony will provide the PS5 Digital Edition a cleaner take over the PS5 console design. In this way, it is balanced since the disc does not take up too much space from the console’s left-hand side.

“Not only does this offer a sleeker aesthetic, but it may also make the PS5 Digital Edition easier to transport, as it will be less clunky,” Sakellariou added.

The fans and the gamers are ecstatic since Amazon France released information about the pricing. The general consensus was, the pricing is “affordable.”

Twitter netizen @NexusRequiem said, “PS5 price leak is fake it’s not gonna be 800.”

Meanwhile, @itsSiinatra suggested, “PS5 no longer has my interest after these price leaks.”

“I think the Xbox may be able to get this one if their price is lower than the PS5. The Xbox has better specs than the PS5. Additionally, Halo infinite will be one of the launch titles, which could turn out to be a good game. The last of us 2 already failed, because of the leaks,” @meerlliino wrote, providing a detailed take.

Whether the reports on media outlets may sound like sarcasm, social media fans’ reactions are mixed. PlayStation 5 is Sony’s newest offering and features immensely fast loading time, a three-dimensional audio tech, compatibility with PS4 games, and 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, among many others. 

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