An ex-Google employee claims the company is afflicted with a “drinking culture” and “sexual harassment.”


An ex-Google employee claims the company is afflicted with a “drinking culture” and “sexual harassment.”

A FORMER GOOLE employee has spoken out against the company, accusing it of having a toxic culture of excessive drinking and sexual harassment.

Donald King, a 41-year-old former Google engineer, wrote a 4,000-word Reddit post titled “Working at Google made me suicidal” last Friday.

King, who is gay, worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google’s San Francisco satellite office from 2008 to 2015.

Even though he claimed he was underpaid for his work at Google, he said his real issues with the company were “the toxic culture, the Kafkaesque hiring, performance review, and promotion processes.”

As some of the issues he believes he encountered while on the Billing SRE team, King listed “rampant sexism, deep discomfort with anyone under the LGBTQIA(plus) umbrella, unhealthy levels of stress treated as acceptable, and a binge drinking culture so bad that it has probably killed people.”

King then went into detail about personal situations he had encountered, including one with a former coworker who allegedly “flirted with and then sexually assaulted” him during an annual work trip to Zürich.

He went on to say that he believed he had been sabotaged, which resulted in him missing out on a promotion and suffering from severe depression.

“Missing out on that promotion triggered deep C-PTSD from childhood abuse and neglect, basically, I felt like my life was not under my control and that the people who were supposed to look out for me had no accountability,” King wrote in the post.

“This set off a downward spiral of depression, and I seriously considered suicide several times,” he continued.

King went on to say that he wasn’t aware at the time that he should have been gathering evidence for the sexual harassment and workplace discrimination he claimed to have experienced, so none of his claims could be verified.

The post has received more than 140 upvotes and several comments since it went live on Reddit, with users sympathizing with King, who also revealed that he has autism.

“All of this constitutes claims for a major sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit,” one Reddit user wrote.

Google was contacted for comment by The Sun.

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