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The iPhone 12 will likely be presented in September, for a release planned between October and November. According to some sources, Apple is indeed facing production delays and its new phones could come out with a little delay.

But this is not of it now. In reality, if we are talking about the iPhone 12 here, it is mainly for a new leak on their mussels.

Photo of Arnel Hasanovic – Unsplash

The iPhone 12, like their predecessors before them, will be equipped with an all new case in which the frame will be casting in a mold.

The iPhone 12 will show their lines

@Jin_Store, a user of Twitter, has just published a series of photos with what it presents as the molds of the future iPhone. Mussels accompanied by several diagrams in CAD.

The caution is, of course, but these molds, and these patterns correspond fairly to the rumours of recent months. The iPhone 12 is expected to be a little bit different from the current models.

The main difference would be related to their slices. Unlike the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 would have edges flat, and not rounded. They would be close so more of the iPhone 4 in our prime youth.

The other difference would relate to the back of the phone. IPhone 12, iPhone 12 should include an additional sensor, for a module resembling a lot that of the iPhone 11 Pro. Module, which can be seen on the diagrams published in the wake of the tweet showing the pictures of the moulds.

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A few notable differences

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro 12 Max would also be eligible for the same treatment, but with a change of size : the fourth sensor is in reality a LiDAR similar to the one onboard the iPad Pro 2020. With this additional sensor, devices, so they should be able to offer new experiences in the area of augmented reality.

There is, however, a detail that stuck with these molds.

Previous rumors pointed to the presence of a notch a little narrower than on the current models. Now, if one observes the mussels, we see that their notch is similar to that of the iPhone 11. One of two things, therefore, either of these molds are not authentic, either Apple would have finally decided not to touch the sensors used by the Face ID.

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