Apple is Rejecting Facebook’s New App for the Fifth Time


The New York Times reported that the Facebook Gaming app won’t be part of Apple devices, after Apple, though it has approved it, rejected this app that gives users access to casual games. 

It is because the access is beyond the boundaries of the storefront of Apple, the iOS App Store. It has also been reportedly rejected five times by Apple because of “rules that prohibit apps with the ‘main purpose’ of distributing casual games.”

Facebook’s new gaming app, nevertheless, is available on Google Android’s app store.

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It is also interesting to note that the Facebook Gaming app is not actually intended to be part of a new storefront for game sales by the smartphone. This is due to the reason it focuses on the capacity to stream games toward Facebook, and watch others who are streaming. It would also have been a competitor to Twitch.

The limitations in the selection of these games are available on the Facebook Gaming App, and are casual. These games involve big offline plays such as Uno and Words With Friends.

However, the nature of the Facebook Gaming app’s game section is the issue behind the rejection, not on what it offers.

Apple’s App Store is one of the ways to access apps over your iPad and iPhone. Consequently, the company also takes a 15 to 30% cut on products old on the App Store, its official website indicated.

If Facebook Gaming provides a way for users of iPad and iPhone to access the storefront that Facebook operates, manages, and owns, but is outside the perimeters of the ecosystem of Apple, it cuts Apple from the picture.

Furthermore, it is important to reveal, as media outlets like Business Insider would point out, that the type of games that the app offers are also the “bread and butter” of the App Store, since gaming is the primary driving demand of the roster.

This is further away from the first time Apple was criticized for its policies and the cut it has from the makers of the apps. 

Similar apps taken down are also present. For instance, an email app. David Heinemeier Hansson, Basecamp CTO and cofounder have spoken, “Apple just doubled down on their rejection of Hey’s ability to provide bug fixes and new features, unless we submit to their outrageous demand of 15-30% of our revenue. We’re told that unless we comply, they’ll remove the app.”

Facebook’s spokesperson declined to comment on the issue, and Apple has yet to release their statement.

The rejections are after the Section 3.1.1 of the guidelines of the App Store, indicating that app developers should use the in-app payment system should they offer services that are paid. These are argued upon by apps challenged by this provision, including Spotify and Netflix.

Apple Doesn't Want Facebook's New Gaming App

(Photo : Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook)
Apple is in a head-to-head against Facebook after rejecting its new app.

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