Apple Treats Employees with Customized Face Masks Suitable for 5 Uses Along With First FDA-Approved Clear Masks


The most valuable multinational technology company in the world, Apple, created custom-made in-house designed Face and Clear Masks for its employees both in the retail and corporate sectors to fight-off the Novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Apple takes extra measures to guarantee its employees’ safety and the public who wishes to visit the store during this time.

The technology company, Apple, also took part in the battle against the global pandemic with its company-issued face masks called the ‘Apple Face Mask’ and the first-ever US Food and Drug Administration-approved ‘Apple Clear Mask’ for its employees who are still required to report to work.

Bloomberg reports that these masks are currently being distributed for its staff for the next two weeks.

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The Apple Face Mask is designed by the engineers from the Engineering and Industrial Design teams who created the iPhone and iPad tablets, now doubling as designers for protective equipment such as the mask. The tech company manufactured the masks in its factories and warehouses that are originally for electronic devices.

The mask offers three layers of filtration and protection to whoever will wear it. The engineers said that the masks are suitable for five uses provided it is washed and disinfected correctly. The Apple Face Mask sports a re-adjustable ear-loop string for a secure fit and sufficient wraps around the nose and chin area to cover the lower half of a person’s face.

Apple clarifies that the ‘ClearMask’ was not manufactured in the company’s factories; instead, a design was done by the team in partnership with researchers from Washington’s Gallaudet University. The university is known to specialize in educating deaf students, including those who experience a hard time with their sense of sound.

‘Clear Mask’ is the first FDA-approved transparent mask that will flood the industry for its design to show a person’s covered below-the-face region for a more comfortable conversation. The FDA-approved transparent cover still brings protection from the Novel coronavirus that immediately stops particles from entering. Its top and bottom part are lined with filtration systems that also serve as spacers between the mask and the person’s face.

Apple recently used the ClearMask in three locations to test its effectiveness and purpose in a retail-based situation. The company is currently working on manufacturing and designing a new transparent mask for its future use.

Apple also redirected its manufacturing towards creating personal protective equipment such as Face Shields for medical workers to fill in the market’s supply-demand. During the pandemic’s reign, medical workers saw a massive shortage in PPEs, including face mask and face shields.

Apple created its original-design face shields distributed to medical and health workers to meet the needs and demands of the health sector. Apple’s face shields are donated to medical workers to help the frontlines combat the Novel coronavirus.

The public who visits the Apple Stores over the past months when the pandemic struck were also given surgical face masks upon store entry. Apple required a mandatory wearing of a face mask inside its retail stores to impede the virus’s spread.

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