Apple’s Patents For Upcoming Macs Reveal they Could Lose the Keyboard! Good News for Gamers, Video Editors


One of the things that are really fun when looking at a certain company’s patent claims is being able to see the direction that the company is going. This is definitely the case with Apple’s recent patent surrounding the MacBook! No more keyboard?

The brand new details come in the patent called the “device having integrated interface system.” Apple describes this laptop as a particular device that uses a touch-based lower surface in order to input instead of using the physical keyboard.

A particular Jack Purcher looks closer into the new Apple patent and suggests that with the new MacBook having a particular glass input surface, it means that the new interface goes beyond just a keyboard as well as a trackpad. This could mean that the user can modify this into a game controller or possibly provide DJ’s with a certain touch-based turntable along with audio controls. It could also give video editors and advantage of touch as opposed to the keyboard. It could also allow artists to take advantage of this with the Apple Pencil.

Although these are all attractive, what will happen to the good old fashioned typing that we know of? The patent also suggests that a possible thin keyboard could still be laid over this new touch-enabled surface.

Quite coincidentally, the upcoming iPhone 12 batch will also be equipped with a certain ring of magnets located on the rear of the case which is installed to guide the smartphone itself straight to the wireless charger.

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Aside from just the touch interface, this patent actually also notes the use of certain reverse wireless charging within the areas that your wrists would mostly be able to charge on substantially equipped devices. This includes the Apple Watch, iPhone, expected when the laptop will not be in direct use.

Although these patents sound pretty promising, this is still no final guarantee that it will be able to reach the public, and even if it actually does, it might still be a while before Apple incorporates this kind of technology. This is very certainly the case with the patent for the “keyboardless” MacBook according to Forbes.

One thing that patents do correctly is showing what the company is actually working on and is developing. Apple’s own case of this fully touch-sensitive area is actually not that out of question. After all, it has already finished replacing the function keys with the known touch bar on the popular MacBook Pro machines. Why not go all the way now?

It is actually more possible that the MacBook’s entire lower area located below the keyboard could be turned into the rumored touch-sensitive surface along with a possible display underneath and also the wireless reverse charging. Maybe even both?

As of now, the only information about this conceptual MacBooks still exists only on the patent but there could be a movement towards making this possible in the future.

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