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OnePlus Nord Cases
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OnePlus’s latest phone is a wonderful return to form, a mid-range phone that offers up most of the flagship experience for a far more reasonable price tag. This back of this phone may be covered in impact-resistant Gorilla Glass 5, but that doesn’t mean that you can let your Nord go around naked. Scratches, slips, and sweat are still a smartphone’s enemy, so add some grip and glamour to your new Nord so that your phone can stay safe and solid for years to come.

  • Classic color and texture: OnePlus Nord Sandstone Bumper Case
  • Good grip for less: iBetter Flexible Thin Cover
  • Beauty lies within: OnePlus Nord Creator Case
  • Keep it all together: Foluu Canvas Wallet
  • Protect the front and back: QHOHQ Clear Case Combo
  • Accents are awesome: Arabby Carbon Fiber

Classic color and texture

OnePlus Nord Sandstone Bumper Case

Staff pick

The Sandstone is the tried-and-true case for a OnePlus phone, and for the Nord, you can get one in understated black or a bright, color-matched Nord Blue.

£18 at OnePlus

Good grip for less

iBetter Flexible Thin Cover

Get some scratch protection for your OnePlus Nord while still adding grip and a teeny bit of style to the back and sides. I like the navy, but the green looks good, too.

£5 at Amazon UK

Beauty lies within

OnePlus Nord Creator Case

This series of polycarbonate cases adds some style and vibrance to your Nord. There are three styles available, including Teardown by JerryRigEverything.

£27 at OnePlus

Keep it all together

Foluu Canvas Wallet

If you prefer to streamline what you carry by using a wallet case on your phone, this canvas-covered folio is for you. There’s room for three cards plus cash.

£10 at Amazon UK

Protect the front and back

QHOHQ Clear Case Combo

This clear case has nice, big air cushions on the corners, keeping that glass back safe, and comes with two tempered glass screen protectors for the front glass.

£6 at Amazon UK

Accents are awesome

Arabby Carbon Fiber

This is one of the most popular case designs on the market for a reason: it adds reliable grip and a little bit of flair from the carbon fiber accents.

£6 at Amazon UK

Why case selection is so low right now

OnePlus phones tend to not have as many cases available than other phones, and because the OnePlus Nord is a mid-range phone releasing outside OnePlus’s normal spring/fall launches, there are even fewer cases available at launch than normal. As such, the selection right now is more sparse than normal, but we still have some decent options available.

There’s a lot of appeal to the OnePlus Sandstone Bumper Cover — especially in that lovely Nord Blue to match the Blue Marble colorway. Sandstone cases add a lot of grip without adding a lot of bulk, but as it is a first-party case, you’ll definitely pay a premium for it.

If you need some grip but want something that’s less flashy — and less expensive — I recommend the iBetter Flexible Thin Cover. The texturing across the back and sides is a little more prominent, and while the lip around the camera and screen aren’t as large as those on the Sandstone, it’s a great slim case for butterfingers like mine.

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