Best Smart Clocks With Google Assistant And Alexa


Running late to your appointment? Smart clocks are the way to go. These types of alarms are faithful companions, waking you up on time for work, school, and other projects you have. Many of these smart clocks have voice assistants to make reminders even more efficient. 

Now, some units have Google Assistant so you do not just customize the alarms with your voice, but also you can utilize these clocks to control your smart devices at home. Here are the best products on the market. 
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First stop, the Lenovo Smart Clock. This amazing product comes from a reputable brand, and with the Google Assistant built-in, you can work with over 10,000 smart home devices across various brands. Whether it is about timing the coffee machine or alarming for the next day, this smart clock will make sure everything is precise. 

Alexa will be your voice assistant in this great find. This is one of the brand’s most popular smart speakers and comes with LED display to feature timers, outdoor temperature, and more. Turn to Alexa to set alarms, tap the top part to snooze, and you will have the light sensor adjusting to the display’s brightness. Plus, it also provides music from Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. You can also listen to Audible books. 

In a game of chess with your family and friends? This convenient alarm clock offers a dual system clock to alarm in the morning, or remind you about important appointments within the day. It also comes with USB charging, so you can bring this in your vacations.  

This Alexa-powered alarm clock is a smart clock that provides a lasting solution for the heavy sleeper, and also has a light for therapy. Improve your sleep, well-being, and energy with this device. It also features a voice control that works with Google Home and Alexa. 

Finally, this one-of-a-kind smart clock will manage your time well. Amazon Echo Show 5 is the second from the product of the same kind and brand that made it to our list of best smart clocks. Why wouldn’t it be, the stunning features are beyond just a smart clock and Alexa’s. It also can enable you to talk to your loved ones via video and see lyrics on the screen when listening to your favorite music.

The advantages of having an alarm clock are plenty, but you can never discount the benefits of having a smart clock. Plus, the Google Assistant will help you organize things better. 

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