BILLIONS of iPhone and Android users have been issued an urgent warning about a dangerous scam.


BILLIONS of iPhone and Android users have been issued an urgent warning about a dangerous scam.

Experts have warned that scammers are using QR codes as their latest ruse to defraud people.

Since the pandemic, the codes have become more common, with pubgoers using them to order a pint to their table and restaurant patrons using them to track down contacts.

Con artists, on the other hand, have seized the opportunity to defraud people of their hard-earned money.

Their latest ruse is a phishing email with a QR code.

It won’t infect your phone with malware if you scan it.

Instead, it will direct you to dubious websites that will attempt to obtain your bank account information and personal information.

It’s a problem that’s getting worse, according to CNET.

People are being taken advantage of because they are oblivious to the scammy links that a QR code can lead them to.

It also makes it more difficult for security experts to detect them.

“Whenever new technology is released, cybercriminals try to find a way to exploit it,” said Angel Grant of F5.

“If people don’t understand it, it’s easier to manipulate them.”

Due to the threat, the public has been advised to avoid scanning QR codes.

If you see a poster in public, consider whether it looks official or suspect.

And if it asks you to provide bank account information, don’t do it or exit the page right away.

Experts also say that receiving a QR code via email is unusual, so that should be a red flag.

In other news, personalised smart guns that can only be fired by verified users could be available to US consumers this year.

Microsoft is attempting to awaken the world by releasing an “inclusiveness” checker in its Word software.

A federal antitrust case against Meta, the company that used to be known as Facebook, has also been approved.

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