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The Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC units are patented name-brand personal air conditioning units meant to help consumers stay cool and comfortable this summer with innovations in the world of customary air cooling, purifying and humidifying. TechTimes, who is a leader at reviewing the most popular consumer goods, highest in-demand developments and biggest innovative trends in the world of technology, is excited to share with the world the advent of two incredible inventions in the world of personal portable air conditioning; the Blaux Portable AC, a mini desktop air cooler with personal portability and advanced features outlined below, and the Blaux Wearable AC, a personal neck air cooling fan that delivers a powerful air flow with multiple speeds and directional outflow.

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The following Blaux AC review will dive deep into the intimate inner working details of both the best portable AC unit and top personal air cooler on the market in 2020 this summer. For those ready to take action today, there is an introductory discount pricing going on right now where both the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC air conditioners are half off the suggested manufacture retail pricing.

Blaux AC units are the talk of the town during the summer of 2020 and for good cause at effectively siphoning the hot and humid heat and transforming it into a cool, refreshingly-chilled airflow that is to die for on those long, hot summer days. With the portable personal Blaux Air Conditioners hitting the market this season, it seems the summer heat has finally met it’s match as weather forecasts predict one of the hottest summers on record to transpire this year.

Blaux, who owns multiple patents for its consumer health and wellness product lineup, is a company that has created multiple air conditioning units for consumers at this time of year, many of which have purifying benefits as well. While the portable AC can be moved around any location, the wearable device profits consumers with the cooling they need as they go from place to place. Whether it be the Blaux Portable AC, which offers an easy way to cool down personal living spaces, or the Blaux Wearable AC, a high quality portable neck fan that helps users breathe clean air and keep cool on the go.

While the HVAC (Heating & Cooling) industry is dominated by three major industry players, the ongoing monopoly of air conditioning is evolving as the demand and customization needs of individuals is emerging to the forefront and completely disrupting the $135 billion HVAC industry.

First up, the ever-popular, zero installation cost, zero maintenance costs, next-generation Blaux Portable AC review.

The sweltering heat of peak summer is already at a point of being unbearable in many places around the United States and world, and the use of a portable air conditioning unit is one of the easiest ways to get the reprieve that is so necessary to avoid overheating or dealing with heat-related health issues. However, running a traditional model can be rather expensive, noisy, or a combination of both that create quite a spike in the user’s electric bill. Portable options – like the devices available from Blaux – may be exactly what consumers need now to beat the summer heat of 2020 once and for all.

So why is this stylish, high-tech personal air conditioning unit is stealing the summertime show in sizzling fashion with grade-A energy efficiency and ultra user portability? Blaux has been in many news publications and top 10 lists lately for its ability to offer a plethora of options, but we’re specifically discussing two of those options at the moment – the Blaux Portable AC and the Blaux Wearable AC Plus.

To decide which one is right for consumers, it is necessary to learn about what the difference between these options are. While both options are portable, they can be moved from place to place in different ways. With the Portable Air Conditioner from Blaux, consumers can use the handle to move it from one room to the next, leaving it in one spot in the meantime. However, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus hangs around the neck, which means the consumer never has to take it off and never has to worry about not getting the circulation.

Both of these machines run without being connected directly to a power source, which is why they are able to stay portable. Consumers can run the Wearable AC Plus cooler with the use of the fan and a nano-silver filter, while the Blaux Portable Air Cooler much have the water tank filled to circulate the cool air. By using a water tank, the mini Portable Blaux AC can add moisture to the air to keep the skin, nostrils, and even the eyes from getting too dry during windy days or in allergy season.

Now the basics are outlined, the time to dive into the nitty gritty of the Blaux Portable and Wearable air conditioners is now. First up, the luxurious, lavish, even larger than life Blaux Portable AC.

The innovations in personal portable air conditioning units are relatively new for consumers. The technology specifications of the Blaux Portable AC and the wearable Blaux Personal Fan warrant many questions given their newness and uniqueness to the market this summer. While there are a few Blaux Portable AC complaints that need addressed, as well as risks about using the portable air cooler from Blaux, here are the most popular commonly asked inquires regarding these exciting A/Cs and refreshing perks that anyone can benefit from today.

The Blaux Portable AC is a patented design that allows consumers to cool off a whole room with the choice of three different fan speeds. The personal air conditioning cooler device also offers a built-in illumination light feature that can act as a nightlight and is said to cool room temperatures in as little as half a minute to a whole room in just over six minutes. The high, medium and low fan speed versatility offers maximum personal comfort as the cool, cooler and coolest airflow has an adjustable louver for a customizable windy breeze. Along with ultra portability, the rechargeable Blaux Mini AC unit comes with a type-C charging cable yet is cordless, super quiet, and weighs less than two pounds with no water in it and is as compact as a car battery size.

The Blaux Portable AC is powered by charging the device with the available USB cord. However, during operation, it remains cordless so it can be placed anywhere in a room to cool it off. In order for the Portable AC to run effectively, consumers will need to charge the device beforehand so it can remain unplugged during use. It also must have the water tank filled with water with the water curtain installed. The water curtain will need to be replaced every 6-8 months, and consumers can purchase a new one from the official website for $9.99, allowing the AC to pull particulate matter from the air.

Particulate matter, which is also referred to as particle pollution, describes the droplets and particles that are found in the air. Some of the most commonly detected particulate matter in the air includes smog, pollen, dust, and smog. All of these particles can be breathed into the lungs when someone inhales, causing irritation and sometimes illness. The Blaux Portable AC is a three in one personal air conditioning device that not only cools and chills the room, but purifies and humidifies the environment. Even a portable AC consumer health report outlined the details of how multi-purpose personal air conditioners are changing the tune for those not only wanting to feel refreshingly cooled airflow, but purified and cleansed of toxic airborne pollutants too.

Now, to switch gears and dive into the inner dimensions of the category-creating, world class, Blaux Wearable AC Personal Fan.

The personal air conditioner portability revolution is unfolding right in front of the market’s eyes and the Blaux Wearable AC neck fan is the number one reason why. In a product category of its own, the Blaux Personal Fan is a game changer in terms of delivering consumers exactly what’s asked on a hot and humid summer day; a cool, refreshing, high-powered windy breeze on a warm and stuffy day. However, given the cutting-edge advancements for wearable air conditioners, the Blaux Personal Fan unit has questions that need answered in order to securely and confidently purchase the product today.

Here are the most popular commonly asked inquires about the Blaux Portable AC’s counterpart, the Blaux Wearable AC:

The Blaux Wearable AC Plus offers consumers a personal fan that has fans on both sides of the device to create a cool breeze on the neck and head. It can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user for the best relief. Not only is the Blaux Wearable AC a personal neck fan air cooler, it also purifies and cleansing the breathable air in the environment using removable and replaceable Nano-Silver filters with a built-in negative ionizer that lowers the airborne pollutants in the air such as allergens, germs, and bacteria.

With a lithium battery, this Blaux wearable air conditioner device acts as both a personal cooling fan and purifier, keeping the air around the user clean and chilled using a thermo-electric cooling plate. The Blaux Personal Fan helps eliminate bacteria and viruses with the filter, though the official website doesn’t indicate that this filter needs to be changed out with the ionization technology. With the electrical charging of the molecules, harmful bacteria fuses with it and drops from the air, leaving the user only with clean air as the portable air cooler lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge for cooling and up to 18 hours using just the fans. The Blaux Personal Fan Wearable AC unit also comes with a spring-loaded joint fit for different neck sizes with its 5-degree flex fit functionality that also offers 120-degree rotatable options.

This device uses a lithium battery. However, since it can easily be recharged, consumers won’t have to worry about buying a new battery every time. Instead, they can plug into the USB cable to make the battery fully charged.

Even though the fan end up positioned right at the collarbone, there is no risk of getting hair caught. The patented technology allows the fans to run without the hair pulling in the strands at all.

Blaux offers both of these air conditioning units on their official websites, but each one is sold separately for their own price. For the Portable AC, the total cost of each unit is $124.99, while the Wearable AC Plus is available for $89.99.

For consumers wanting to cool multiple rooms or have many people occupying different indoor areas, there is a bulk pricing discount option that can get each Blaux Portable AC unit cost as low as $85 per air cooler when buying four or more in the “Mega Cool Pack”.

At least for now, each of these products are available for pre-order, even though they have been previously released. According to Blaux, there has been a disruption in the supply chain, leaving consumers to wait for their deliveries until next month on July 12th, at the absolute earliest. However, most of these products will be delivered no later than August 26th.

Anyone that still has questions about their order can reach out to the customer service team by sending an email to [email protected] Blaux, who is a patended name brand that specializes in healthy air products; is managed by Strong Current Enterprises based in Hong Kong.

To get in touch with the official Blaux customer service support team via phone or email, use the following information:

Blaux (pronounced “BLWOW”) has created multiple AC units that consumers can use to stay healthy and stay cooled off during this hot weather, specifically including a wearable AC and a portable unit. With multiple options to stay cool, consumers can travel, work at the office, or even do their household chores without the worry of being uncomfortable or overheating.

They are much more affordable than a traditional unit would be, and they are easy to maintain regularly. The Blaux AC package gives consumers two options to choose from given the personal and portable features of both. While consumers will have to wait for the supply chain and logistics to catch up for the shipment, pre-ordering either of these cools now will save time on receiving them in July 2020.

The Blaux Portable AC is the perfect mini desktop air conditioning unit to use while working or enjoying some downtime at home.

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The Blaux Wearable AC is the perfect personal air cooler fan device that wraps around the neck and is the optimal companion to fight the summer’s tantalizing heat.

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In closing, the Blaux AC personal portable air conditioners give consumers a fighting chance to beat the summer heat so no one has to suffer through another long, hot and humid extreme temperature heatwave season without customized support. Make sure to leave real customer comments below on the user experience of having a Blaux Personal Portable Air Conditioning and Air Cleaner for others to review.

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