Blockchain Resilience: Unearthing the Potential Bitcoin Offers in 2020


The rise of Cryptocurrency especially that of Bitcoin has seen a lot of volatility. What started out as a phenomenon that had the potential to bring seismic shifts within the financial realm, slowly started to wither under the propaganda of centralized banking systems, and traditional currency enthusiasts.

But if you are thinking that the future of Bitcoin is bleak, we will urge you to think again. Apart from its volatility, and a lack of understanding of its technicalities, cryptocurrency can uproot the influence traditional banking systems have over billion of consumers. 

Apart from its ability to shift the control of finances from centralized governments and banking systems to the common man, there is a range of incentives that still make Bitcoin, one of the most lucrative alternatives to currency. If this reason isn’t enough to trade in Bitcoin, we have compiled some benefits that crypto offers in the modern setting.

The financial history of money based investments is plagued with speculative bubbles that have deprived people of their lives earnings. Take a look at the Great Depression, the housing bubble of 2008, or any other market crash, the common them remains the hit ordinary people have to face when it comes to their hard-earned buck.

Bitcoin is a resilient crypto coin that is not influenced by the crash of the global stock market. It frees its owners from the shackles of the top one percent investors that hold all the capital and get bailed out in the event of a huge financial meltdown. The financial autonomy offered to today’s investors makes Bitcoin a great choice.

Many critics of Bitcoin were quick to jump on the band-wagon of declaring Bitcoin as too volatile, after the recurring price spikes of 2017-2018. Regardless of this uncertain time, this crypto coin has shown an upward trend- one that has endured the test of time and stands as the winner amongst competitors such as Ethereum.

With the onset of trading platforms such as the bitcoin revolution official app, crypto-enthusiasts also have the ability to make more informed buying and selling decisions, by factoring in the price trends of Bitcoin. This shows that the likelihood of Bitcoin appreciating is certain and better than any asset-alternative in the market

When it all started out, the utility of Bitcoin was attributed to that of digital gold: where an investor could dump in money and watch his investment amplify. People were fed up with third-party banking systems keeping a watchful eye over every transaction that a person made, defiling their financial privacy to the core.

Bitcoin has answered the calls of crypto-enthusiasts and developed the Lightning network through which people can send bitcoins swiftly through private channels with non-existent fees.

The Bitcoin train has left the station, and investors have realized that the future is crypto. Institutional investors such as shareholders of multi-national corporations are investing seamlessly in Bitcoin after realizing the worth of virtual currency assets. This can have a lot of spillover effects for people looking to invest in Bitcoin, such as better legalization and regulation of the cryptocurrency realm in most parts of the world.

The best thing about Bitcoin is that it will always keep the world on its toes. Its revolutionary power to seize financial control from governments and big banks, and transfer it to the ordinary person makes it a force to acknowledge. In a world that is increasingly dealing with financial damage to people on the basis of speculative trends initiated by reckless investors, having financial independence is great. Bitcoin offers that!

It Frees Its Owner from Traditional Risk

Its Trading Has Become More Reliable

Peer-To-Peer Transfer Is Now Possible With Lightning Network

Venture Capitalists Are Jumping In

The Future Is Crypto


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