Boeing Plane that Killed 346 Passengers May Soon Begin to Fly Again


The ever-controversial Boeing 737 Max– a passenger plane– that had accidents resulting in two of the fatal plane crashes may begin to fly again. After months of being grounded due to the said accidents, Boeing announced that on Monday, June 29, the test flights will begin again. How did this happen?  

On Sunday, June 28, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced its approval of re-opening and allowing Boeing Company– one of the biggest manufacturers of planes in the United States– to begin its test flights of the controversial ‘Boeing 737 Max.’

The said plane had been under a lot of issues in 2018 and 2019 after two of the most killed plane crashes of the years happened with the same aircraft type unit. 

In October 2018, an Indonesian Lion Air Jetplane crash happened after just 13 minutes since its take-off. This accident killed 189 people. Interestingly, the aircraft type of the plane was a Boeing 737 Max. 

After almost a year, an Ethiopian Airlines jet also crashed shortly after its take-off. Flight ET302 killed all its passengers and staff inside the plane. BBC said that 32 Kenyans, 18 Canadians, eight Americans, and seven British nationals were among the passengers. 

A total of 149 passengers and eight plane crew died due to the incident. Following the patterns of the Lion Air Jet– the aircraft used was a Boeing 737 Max. 

These two accidents were found to be maintenance and aircraft faults, on behalf of the Boeing Company. This means that a total of 346 people died due to the hands of the said company. 

Since the issues of technical problems started with the Boeing 737 Max, the government decided to ground all the planes under the same aircraft type, which made the Boeing company lost $18.7 billion over the last two years.

The company was grounded to produce another set of Boeing 737 Max and even use it for passenger planes again. After a year, the resolution started to fade away. 

It was announced on Sunday, June 28, that “Flights with FAA test pilots could begin as early as tomorrow, evaluating Boeing’s proposed changes to the automated flight control system on the 737 MAX. Testing is expected to take several days, and will include a wide array of flight maneuvers and emergency procedures to enable the agency to assess whether the changes meet FAA certification standards,” wrote the administration in the letter to lawmakers, which was obtained by CNN. 

FAA said that Boeing already submitted all the requirements for their re-opening and promised to comply with all the additional requirements, to resolve conflicts with their system.

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