Breathtaking images of the Sun captured by stargazer from his garden in Kent


INCREDIBLE photos snapped by a stargazer in Kent show the Sun in mind-blowing detail.

The stunning shots show super-hot plasma shooting out of the mega-hot star and rippling across its surface.

The photographs were taken by retired university lecturer Paul Andrew from his garden observatory in Dover.

The astronomy anorak loves snapping our Milky Way galaxy with his Lund 152 telescope.

It allows the 66-year-old to capture the sun in all of its fiery detail.

He’s spent thousands of pounds on his expert piece of kit, and uses it all summer to snap space.

Paul said: “I use it as often as possible when it is sunny.

“However, I cannot so much during the winter months as the sun is very low in the sky and the seeing conditions can be quite poor.

“The sun is always changing and I never know what I am going to see.”

After retiring as a photography lecturer from the University of Kent, Paul wanted to combine his artistic and astronomical passions.

He’s invested a lot of hard-earned cash in his telescope so he can successfully snap the sun.

“I just find it incredible to think that the images many amateurs are currently producing are far superior to those taken by the world’s largest telescopes just a few years ago,” he explained.

However taking photos of the star is not simple.

“Unlike many astronomical objects, the sun is always changing and you never know what to expect from day to day,” Paul explained.

“This makes solar imaging a fascinating genre.

“However, when imaging from the UK there is always an on-going battle with poor and turbulent atmospheric conditions – called seeing – that degrade the finest detail on the sun,” he added.

“For much of the time it can be very frustrating.

“But when you get those brief moments of good steady seeing, and you successfully capture some fine detail, all the frustrations and your hard work becomes worth it.”

In other news, the highest-ever resolution photos of the Sun were published online earlier this year.

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