BTS’ Livestream Event is Now World’s Biggest Paid Online Concert; Also Gets Featured in Samsung Galaxy


No coronavirus can stop South Korean singing sensation BTS from having the Bang Bang Con live-streamed concert over the weekend. It was a success.

The K-Pop group has drawn more than 750,000 members in the audience, bringing them to the charts again. This online store happened on June 14, starting at 6 p.m. one day after BTS celebrated the seventh anniversary of their debut. The live-streamed event was watched and followed by millions of fans worldwide and features state-of-the-art technology other has not done yet.

BTS is also the inspiration behind the newest Samsung Galaxy S20. This brand new phone features the colors of the band, stickers inspired by their themes, and the infamous heart gesture, The Verge reported.

Tech Times added the phones will also have the pre-installed Weverse app and the band’s photo cards.

The artists could not contain their gratitude for the support they received in their online live-streamed event. During the concert, one of the singers Jin expressed his sentiments in celebration of the group’s seventh anniversary.

He said, “My team celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday, and this was originally the end of our contract. However, I am very thankful to my members and having a good company, thanks to them, we are able to go even further together.”

The boy band’s leader RM also had statements in light of the pandemic, All KPop reported. He said, “I believe that this period of time will go by, and we will be able to meet soon.”

J-Hope then added, “Everyone is my hope, and we are your hope.”

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The K-Pop group already has several record-breaking achievements since they were introduced to the fans. For instance, their videos are mostly with millions of views and subscribers, and their songs always find their spots at the top of the music hit charts.

However, for Bang Bang Con: The Live, it was different. Right after the event, it was declared now as the world’s biggest paid online music event counted on the number of viewers, Big Hit Entertainment told Korean news agencies.

With more than 750,000 viewers witnessing the concert, streamed in over 100 minutes in different regions from a studio in Seoul, this is a huge feat. Big Hit Entertainment stated, “Despite the difficulties the concert industry is going through due to COVID-19, BTS is being evaluated as opening new possibilities through its online concert.”

The audience is said to be as huge as 15 stadium concert capacities.


Fans from more than 100 countries, including the United States, China, Great Britain, and Japan, not to mention their local followers in South Korea, tuned in, bought tickets and watched the online concert.Then, the concept.

This year, Bang Bang Con and BTS decided to get inspiration around “rooms” with “bang” being the Korean word for “room.” The stage sets changed frequently throughout the show, presenting five various scenes, or “rooms” in accordance with their songs.

The setlist consisted of 12 songs, with intermission-type segments where the singers would talk to their audiences. Among the songs performed were Black Swan and Boy With Luv.

BTS tied up with tech streaming service company Kiswe Mobile to treat their fans, the ARMY, with an exclusive viewing experience. It allowed them to watch this concert, for the first time, in six different camera angles.

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