Call of Duty: Mobile Teases NEW Map, Not Meant for Faint-Hearted


Call of Duty, the ever-favorite first-person war game in PC and PS4 that is now available on mobile gaming, has now added a thrilling surprise for its gamers. If you’re an avid player of Call of Duty: Mobile, here’s what you should expect in the next season. 

Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the most played COD games in history. Who wouldn’t want a free-to-play war game on their mobile phones? If you’re not yet playing the game right now, the new surprise of the game’s developer Activision might force you to.

On Sunday, June 28, the official Twitter page of Call of Duty: Mobile posted a six-second teaser trailer of what appears to be a new map set for the next season.

The video includes four upcoming battlegrounds, which show what it looks like an office hallway, office itself, a shipping place, and another shot of a shipping place.

Interestingly, COD: Mobile does not explain this teaser trailer on Twitter. The only thing that fans can depend on was the caption, “Hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

Ferg or also known in the industry as iFerg, one of the famous COD gamers tweeted on the COD: Mobile‘s post. He posted a video clip of his battle on the same setup with the trailer, adding a caption, “Might have to recreate this clip.”

Activision has not yet confirmed any details about the announced new map. But Android Headlines seemed to have a clue about what the map will look like.

Gamers think that the new map is connected to the newly-released fan-favorite Highrise multiplayer map. This map was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. 

This could be a possibility since COD recently transfers their maps with other COD games, especially mobile devices. 

If this is real, Highrise could be one of the most exciting things to expect in the game in the future. 

Again, we don’t have any more details about the new map, aside from the teaser and the caption. However, for sure, the new COD: Mobile Map– whether Highrise or not– could be released in the next season of the game. 

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