Can I use third-party PS4 controllers on PS5?


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Best answer: Yes, if they were officially licensed by PlayStation, then your third-party PS4 controllers can be used on the PS5 to play PS4 games.

  • Officially compatible: Razer Raiju Ultimate ($200 at Amazon)
  • Go with the real deal: DualShock 4 ($65 at Amazon)
  • Preorders open soon: PlayStation 5 (See at Amazon)

Can I use third-party PS4 controllers on PS5 ?

Sony has partially explained how PS4 peripherals and devices will work on the PS5. You can use the DualShock 4 on PS5 but only for playing backward compatible PS4 titles such as The Last of Us Part 2. If you want to play new PS5 games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you’ll need to use the DualSense controller.

Third-party PS4 controllers can similarly be used for playing PS4 games on PS5 but you’ll need to stick to officially-licensed controllers. If the packaging doesn’t indicate it was officially licensed for the PS4, it might not work with the PS5.

PS4 controllers on PS5 Are there any solid recommendations?

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is one of the best PS4 controllers and you can still find it in stock at Amazon right now. It’s officially licensed and should work for playing backward compatible PS4 titles. Outside of that, we’d recommend just going with a standard DualShock 4 if you want to ensure compatibility.

PS4 controllers on PS5 What about other accessories?

The PS4 Camera will work on the PS5, though it’ll require an adapter that is free for PSVR owners. The PSVR will likewise be compatible with the PS5, as will its various Aim and Move controllers.

The PlayStation 5 is currently set to release at some point in Holiday 2020. Price and preorders have not yet been announced. A full slate of new PS5 accessories are also launching this holiday.

Our pick

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Customize to your liking

The Razer Raiju Ultimate is a bit pricy but if you want a high-end, officially licensed third-party controller to use on the PS5 with PS4 games, this is the one to go for. You can customize it by swapping out thumbsticks and more.

  • $200 at Amazon

Not quite next-gen

DualShock 4

Compatible only with PS4 games

Sony has revealed that the DualShock 4 will be compatible with PS5, but only with PS4 games through backward compatibility. It makes sense given the new features on the PS5 DualSense, but it’s still a bit disappointing.

  • $65 at Amazon
  • $60 at Best Buy
  • $59 at Walmart

Holiday 2020

PlayStation 5

Sign up for notifications

The PS5 isn’t available for preorder just yet, but a few retailers are letting fans sign up for notifications so they don’t miss out. PS5 games should be able to support ray tracing and have more realistic lighting effects than ever before.

  • See at Amazon
  • See at Best Buy
  • See at Walmart

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