COVID-19 Must-Have Cleaning Items: Amazon’s Top 5 Computer Cleaners


Did you know that a cellphone is seven times dirtier than a toilet seat? Yup, you’ve read it right. Even you wipe all the smudges off of your phone, there are still millions of bacteria that may live in there. And don’t even start with computers or laptops. If you want it cleaned, here are the Amazon cleaning items, just for you. 

ColorColar Universal Dust Cleaner

Have you seen the most wonderful thing ever created to clean your gadgets? If you already heard about the magic behind cleaning gel, you would know exactly how this thing works. 

ColorColar Universal Dust Cleaner, available now on Amazon for limited stocks only, is one of the durable and safest dust cleaning gel, made for your gadgets such as PC keyboards, car vents, camera, printer, telephone, calculator, speaker, air conditioner, TV and other appliances. Check the prices now on Amazon! 

ColorCoral Cleaning Gel (5-Pack)

If you are already a fan and daily user of ColorCoral Cleaning Gel but running out of budget, here’s the solution. ColorCoral Cleaning Gel also has a 5-pack set to ensure that you’ll be keeping all your pennies to your pockets.

Amazon offers this item for lower prices so that you won’t be hassled to look for these discounts once you ran out of a supermarket. Check the prices now on Amazon! 

ColorCoral Cleaning Gel 160G

Another ColorCoral Cleaning Gel is now available on Amazon for almost the same prices from two above. This Amazon item is so easy to use that you can let your children put it inside your car’s ventilators, your computer, or any parts of your house that needs a deep cleaning.

Just take a piece of the cleaning gel, knead it into a ball, press the cleaning gel slowly into the keyboard, car vent, and rugged surface and then pull out. After this, you will now see your car or your device with a shinier and cleaner surface. Check the prices now on Amazon!

ASFSKY Keyboard Cleaning Gel 

If you are unsatisfied with the ColorCoral brand for your cleaning gel, Amazon also offers another brand that does the same thing. ASFSKY offers its keyboard cleaning gel in the fairest prices possible. 

This item is reusable, environment-friendly, and even safe to clean and use-no strong chemicals put inside the gel. Check the prices now on Amazon! 

OPOLAR Air Duster for PC Computers 

For the last item on our list, we no longer give you colored cleaning gels. Here comes OPOLAR Air Duster for PC Computers.

This item can be used for PC Computers or any devices that you need some cleaning and dusting to do. OPOLAR Air Duster creates deep cleaning, easy-to-use, and can be rechargeable anytime you want to use it. Check the prices now on Amazon!

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