DayZ Patch 1.09 is Now Available On PCs and Consoles With Two New Guns


DayZ Patch 1.09 is now available on PCs, after its cycle on the experimental servers. The game also confirmed that it could be played on consoles soon. 

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It is noticeable that Bohemia Interactive has improved DayZ‘s content with multiple changes, making the game closer to a more realistic survival game. DayZ‘s official Twitter account posted a teaser to give the players an idea of what it will look like in the upcoming patch. 

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“PC should be out now, and servers are rebooting. Console to follow shortly after. Here is a video while you wait,” captioned the tweet. 

Aside from the game’s numerous fixes, it will also receive new building mechanics and weapons: the Revolver and Desert Eagle. DayZ‘s live version currently has flags and flag poles, together with some buildings and infrastructure changes. 

Item sharing, item pickups, and collision fixes were also integrated into the game. Because of the latest updates, DayZ seems to focus on its future content, unlike the previous patch cycles. 

Here are the updates for Patch 1.09.153337 that you need to know.  


1) Chernarus and Livonia terrains’ various issues with object placement. 

2) Characters’ bug when sliding on steep slopes.

3) Several collision glitches.

4) Bug spawning items below the ground when players swapped between vicinity and inventory. 

5) The glitch that leaves ropes and sticks behind when players destroy the fence kit or Watchtower. 

6) Mouse cursor texture’s minor misalignment. 

7) Floating crafted items above the ground. 

8) Bug preventing players from picking up certain items that were dropped on the Watchtower. 

9) Shotgun’s damage calculation when using pellet ammunition. 

10) The bug causes players to pass through a fence or object when jumping out of a car.  

1) Several buildings and various props’ textures. 

2) Wrecked vehicles’ doors are now open wider. 

3) Players can now place up to 10 Wooden Sticks into a fireplace.

4) Stones’ attachment slots

5) Olga 24 police car’s model for Chernarus was changed.

6) The weapon’s durability when firing is now balanced. 

7) All pistols’ dispersion values are also balanced. 

8) Players could no longer use duct tape to repair weapons and attachments. 

9) Locked doors’ locked state is only displayed when players tried to open them. 

10) The same items’ stacks can now be combined on the ground. 

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