Easy Login Process is Now Possible! Google Launches One Tap Sign in System for Android Apps


Google has launched a new system on June 17 to simplify the login process for Android apps.

The 11 Weeks of Android kicked off today with “People & Identity” videos and blog posts. Google detailed what it is doing to simplify the password process for Android apps.

Sometimes, logging in to applications can be challenging, particularly when the password is hardly remembered or which email address is used to sign up for the service. Also, typing in the password is difficult when either hand is occupied.

Google is resolving all these issues with One Tap. It is a new login system that speeds up the signing process on sites and in apps with just a single touch on devices that are logged into a Google account. Developers will need to integrate this into their products so it can use it.

On Monday, Google shared kicked off its 11 Weeks of Android event with “People & Identity” videos and blog posts, which detailed how it is easing the log in process for Android apps. While Google’s existing solutions include using Google Account to log-in to third-party services, automatic sign-in after opening the app or website, and auto-fill of credentials that users selected.

Google found two key challenges including “Developer complexity” and not knowing the solution to implement while users might have qualm over these aids and not use either of them, but switch to another service instead.

One Tap addresses both challenges. Users will be prompted to sign up with Google during the first time they open an app, then it will prompt the creation of a “secure, token-based, passwordless account.” This feature was first introduced in 2017.

Users can have a better experience using their favorite apps or websites as they have seamless authentication with Google’s One Tap sign-in and sign-up APIs.

One Tap sign-up prompts users to create an account using a dialog that conforms to the app’s content, so users do not feel that they are signing up. Once finished, they get an account that does not require a password and is protected by their Google Account.

User users will remain signed in with One Tap, even after switching devices or apps. One Tap system also works with passwords, which users can share with the app to sign in with no hassle.

Not only will users sign up on Android faster, but also they can sign back in with just a tap using the account they are registered with. So they no longer need to memorize passwords or username they use in their account.

Brendan Hesse of Lifehacker aired his concern about the risks of linking various apps to a Google account. Hesse said that if a hacker gains access to a Google account, then the gets access to log into said apps as well. But that’s not very different from the current state of affairs for people who sign up via Google.

However, Google said it had created a backend system called Block Store to ensure user information is secure. This allows third-party services to generate security tokens linked to the account, which are then used for signing in, making it more secure to access the apps.

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