Elon Musk Keeps His Promises to a Tesla Owner Who Lost His Legs as Tesla China Adds Power Liftgate and and Better Noise Isolation to Model 3


Elon Musk has been speeding up to perfect Tesla technologies while giving its clients great driving experience, but he also keeps his promises to his fans and clients.

According to a Tesmanian report on September 13, Tesla China will soon upgrade the Model 3 with a new power-lift trunk, better noise isolation, better air conditioning system, and an Octovalve.

Twitter user @Tesla__Mania shared a list of changes that will be included in the upgrade of Model 3 in Tesla China. Aside from a new steering wheel, the Model 3 will also bear an octovalve, new headlights and tail lights, chrome delete, and center console 2.0. Also, included in the upgrade are a power lift trunk and a double-layer glass to provide better noise isolation, which Musk has promised Tesla owners via Twitter.

Back in July, Tesla China shared an article in twitter about a Tesla user who can no longer use his legs after he met an accident in 2018. He then cancelled his order for Model 3, which he has reserved since April 2016. He later regained his confidence in driving and later applied for a C5 license in China. However, since the imported Model 3 is too pricy, he opted for BYD Qin ProDM, which he found inconvenient.

When Gigafactory Shanghai started producing the MIC Model 3, he ordered a Long Range RWD variant with basic Autopilot. However, with the new order, the Tesla customer requested if the company could install a power liftgate since individuals on wheelchair find it difficult to close the frunk and trunk. The Tesla CEO replied to the tweet saying: “Tesla will add a power lift gate at no cost.” Thus, the new Model 3 will have the new power liftgate feature.

Meanwhile, on August 25, Musk replied to a Twitter user who tweeted: “insulation is too bad mr. Musk, everybody outside the car can listen to my phonecalls. Musk apologized and said that the “noise reduction has gotten much better recently.” He also vowed that it will continue to improve in the future. Perhaps, the double-layer glass will provide better noise reduction in the new Model 3.

If these great features are added, then Musk is making sure to keep his promises to Tesla clients.

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By the end of August, there have been reports about the Model 3 getting a slightly smaller frunk with reduced width, but deeper than the earlier design. This gives extra space behind the front panel, which may allow Tesla to introduce new parts as those included in Model Y such as an octovalve, heat pump, and an enhanced air conditioning system.

Moreover, newer Model 3s also show new headlights and tail lights as well as a power trunk could be coming, according to Drive Tesla Canada. Meanwhile, it is still unclear when the upgraded vehicles will be rolled out. Perhaps, Tesla will reveal more on the upcoming Battery Day on September 22.

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