‘Fall Guys’ Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus Mid-Season Update: Everything You Need to Know


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout fans can now download the game’s mid-season update, which the devs have been calling BIG YEETUS AND ANTI-CHEATUS, including a few new things to the game, such as new obstacles, a massive hammer, and the anti-cheating system Mediatonic has put in place against hackers.

According to a report by GameSpot, the new obstacle changes are appearing at random, which means everyone will have to re-think their strategies as everything they knew so far will most likely not work as much as it did before the new update came.

Basically, the changes will hit players unexpectedly, so be prepared for anything.

Nevertheless, fans who’ve been playing since its release are most likely able to adapt to the fly better, and as long as you master the basics, you can overcome the random new challenges.

For example, it seems like there will be tons of tumbling fruits in areas where they didn’t appear before.

Moreover, there seem to be some changes in how parts of levels rotate and a few more.

The new Fall Guys update has also added a massive hammer known as the Big Yeetus, which, as the name suggests, smacks players across the level.

For some, this could be used to their advantage as they could get the extra help to go to the direction they wanted with the hammer, but of course, this could also ruin the plans for so many Fall Guys players.

As with the new obstacle additions, Big Yeetus will appear out of nowhere and hit you when you least expect it–but if the new trailer for the update tells us anything, the game will be more chaotic than ever.

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But perhaps what everyone is waiting for is the anti-cheating system that was also added in the new update, which will be targeting hackers that have won their crowns through dirty means.

However, according to VG247, the anti-cheating system is PC-specific, but as the developers have been vocal about wanting to improve their anti-cheat technology, so it’s still a huge step towards that direction, and it won’t be surprising to see the system throughout all the Fall Guys platforms soon.

Cheating is a huge problem in almost every game, and it has sadly been rampant in the game since its release.

Nevertheless, the developers were able to ban some of the folks they have caught hacking the game, but it turns out that some of them have been part of a fun little social experiment, care of Mediatonic.

The experiment was known as the “Cheater Island,” which pitted cheaters against each other, as per Polygon.

“Cheater Island had its own set of global servers,” the developers wrote on the game’s official Twitter account. “You’d need enough cheaters in your region in order to start a Cheater Island game.”


The developers even shared a couple of suspected Cheater Island clips.

However, Mediatonic confirmed that these Cheater Islands are no longer working and that cheaters who have been caught hacking the game can no longer sign-in, and with the help of Epic’s Anti-Cheat solutions, it should be a better environment for players.

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